Fifty ideas for a little young lady’s bedroom

The design of the children’s room undergoes repeated amendments as the kids develop, and after every 5 years it requires a complete change. «scenery». Closer to puberty, the interior is formed according to the standards of the parent’s bedroom, but with certain adjustments regarding gender differences, age gradation, interests, decorative preferences. Attention are offered options for the scenario of arranging a room for a young lady of the age category 10+.

Teenage has acquired independence long ago. In a period of active search for style and form of expression, the teenager’s minimalism and dedication to the idea is often subordinated to the idea and the desire to stand out. Girlish passions for pink color, a specific subculture, imitation of mystical heroes and cult characters are reflected in their environment. Why not give a lady a chance for self-affirmation and, listening to her wishes, decorate the room according to her wishes. To get started, try to suggest the following options.

Textured prints In harmony of brown tones

Fascination with flowers

Do you know what emotions your child wants to experience? After all, school performance, concentration, activity depend on the principle of color distribution. Warm tones will add «cozy» sensations, but they are insidious in terms of correlation with others in the room format. When they are satiated, the space will irritate and lead to a loss of tone. The cold palette is characterized by detachment and relaxation. The right decision? Simple and multi-pass combinations, attention to detail, decorative accents. And if something confuses you and do not want to risk future comfort – shift the focus of attention to natural shades, adjusting the degree of their activity at your discretion..

A beautiful combination In the dominance of red

So, yellow will activate the mind and increase curiosity. Green and purple – will calm and tune in to the wave of dreaminess. Moderate pink neutralizes aggression, adds emotional awe. Brown and its dark shades are allowed fragmentarily in compositions, but this does not apply to designs with activity «milk chocolate», ocher, and neutral tones. Their «friendly» tones in the company of pure colors pacify. In the amber overflow of a stream in colored glass pouring from the lamp, in the soft light of floor lamps against a blue-gray background of the walls, the design will be restrained and bright and at the same time elegant and homely.

Bedroom for a teenage girl Natural motives Polka dot wall Colorful design

If a lot of sun gets into the bedroom, you should turn to shades of azure, turquoise and pale blue. Lightness and tenderness can be achieved by combining light walls and their coincidence with the same furniture facades. Active light streams and airy lace curtains will create additional volume. Blue rhymes perfectly with spectacular spots: pink and yellow butterflies, with a background of light gray wallpaper with silk-screen printing, their metallic sheen. It is worth decorating the whole room with a delicate color scheme, using it selectively or using it only in textiles.

To enhance the sensations, delve deeper into the topic. Use nautical tones for the planes, repeat the sand tone on the flooring and the blue sky in the upper bedroom space. Accessories will help to create the illusion: glass vases with stones and shells. The white background of the walls, lined with azure and cornflower blue stripes, pasted on a panel, in a volumetric format with marine sketches, like dolphins, are also relevant for girls’ quarters.

Blue wall

Turquoise bedspread

Shades of sky and water

Colorful zigzags

Looking for an alternative to pink

When sketching, do not tie ideas to the monopoly of pink. The cult of Barbie is pretty boring, and the doll queen has long been moved to the throne. If your beliefs do not coincide with your daughter’s, look for an alternative among the peach, tint nuances of the color itself, warm beige. Introduce a contrasting color in variations with prints. Confirm the presence of black with dark furniture surfaces. And remember that in any complex option there is a way out – a design with delicate white interference. Its versatility will save you from monosyllabic perception, highlight bright accents and tie the plot together. Coral stripes on the ceiling with black at the curtains, with white trim on the bedspread and pillows – this is a fresh reading and a completely different impression.

Coral stripes

Accent lamps

Light fixtures made of pink glass are perceived differently. Lamps, exactly copying lush inflorescences, complex shapes and simple configurations of balls, lampshades, in the play of glare create stained glass beauty and lyrical mood. Paired hearts and garlands of them will romantically decorate the wall at the head.

The white space of the room is identified with lightness and light. Arrange the accents with strokes of colors from a delicate palette. The bright color of azure or spring grass, colorful imitation of the skin will be successfully registered in the achromatic space. For «weightless» hang impressions on the windows with muslin or decorate the openings with blinds. Preference for floral themes on textiles (Designed by Caro). A glass dandelion above the ceiling with hundreds of sparkling rays will convince you of the desire to relax in a bright space.

Actual design Delicate shades

Magic room for young ladies

Take your favorite colors as a basis, and actively exploit them in textiles, bedding, free surfaces. Angels, gnomes and elves are an absolutely girly theme, and are always in trend with young ladies. Images are welcomed as carpet prints, glass figurines, glitter stickers. The fabulous surroundings will be complemented by light curtains with delicate flowers, an airy bedspread and the same curtains. Cheerful wallpapers with fluttering butterflies, dragonflies on shiny organza, large bees-clips on the chandelier are responsible for the summer mood all year round. Collections of textiles Kinder or Life&Design pampering with a variety of natural-themed assortments.

Color mix

Animalistic series Casablanca will delight the funny little animals. It is permissible to organize a zoo in the room or to prefer a widescreen «portrait» favorite animal.

Panel with birds

Juicy colors

The place of registration of movie characters is on the walls, curtains, in plush and plastic incarnations. A quartet of Vinsk sorceresses, ball-jointed dolls and a series of materialized characters are collected in the collection, and decorate the bedrooms of young fairies. Designers of textile products for children, for example, from Garden Exclusive, carefully monitor new phenomena on the screen and reflect them in the design of the paintings. You can add new ones to a fun company with your own hand. «persons».

To do this, use the decoupage technique on facades and mirrors, borrowing illustrations from books. The four-poster bed, the polychrome space, colored with variegated patterns, is absolutely not annoying thanks to the calm background. The plot is associated with a dollhouse, creates a fabulous atmosphere, touches with spontaneity. It is enough to get by with roll-up curtains on the windows to avoid identification with the bedroom..

Dollhouse Collage of posters

That’s why she and the bed to take center stage. The presence of a fashionable attribute – a canopy defines the conceptual idea. Multi-layered fringed drapery will create the atmosphere of a fairy tale, and if you reinforce your imagination with decorations in oriental colors, Scheherazade’s fairy tales will become clearer. Straight organza fabric closer to minimalist design.

Blue-lilac bedroom Princess bed

Space for a trendsetter

What young lady does not dream of becoming a stylist if she is responsible for the presentable appearance of dolls from childhood? For creative people, the fantasy world knows no boundaries, in which everything is subordinated to fashion, tailor’s art, photography, sketches and everything that is associated with glamor. And parents always have the opportunity to become a conduit for their daughter’s desires. An example of this is the design of a room according to the girl’s hobby..

Princess bed Bedroom for a young fashionista

The talents of the young lady will certainly be reflected in the desire to arrange the bedroom according to her own design. Color schemes are unlikely to be formulaic. This does not mean that the space will overwhelm the brightness and bold creativity. Inner harmony will allow you to find balance and express your own vision of the topic. With only 3 primary colors, a couple of shades – and the demonstration of a bright vertical above the head of the bed, completely transformed the experience. The weight of the black is compensated by the weightlessness of the white blanket. A transitional yellow tone on the back has merged in a duet with a floor lamp, and sunny accents are mesmerizing to the eye. Read this way, the design looks amazing..

Luxury bedroom

Personalizing a room and making it unique is permissible with the help of pictures. And if you take into account the fact that boring posters are easy to replace with fresh ones, you will get the opportunity to modify the interior according to your mood. Framed photos that contrast with the background, but in tune with the shelves or shelves, add artistic value. It is better to complete the frames on one wall, and combine the collage with light..

Wall with accessories Stylish room

Personal bedroom for a teenage girl

Stereotypes are a thing of the past, and nothing gets in the way of self-expression. Play with prints and their variations in the same space. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t be confused by their diversity. Stripes, zigzags, large patterns and a bouquet of summer colors are integrated due to the monochromatic color and its tint nuances, and in different versions they look attractive.

Interesting solution Dazzling beauty

Arranging the design for a maturing rock star doesn’t imply anything supernatural. Hang the guitar, duplicate its shape on a pillow. Decorate one wall with mirrored tiles, the other with shiny discs or vintage records. Make a podium for the bed. The white vertical of the wall, with an identical reproduction of the music book, will unite the idea and allow «musical» bedroom» become unique.

Musician room Pair of notes

What kind of room would a girl-athlete like to see? Of course, a bedroom with a familiar environment that reminds her of a hobby. Symbolic posters, photographs of idols, drawings on textiles, shelves with their own regalia and trophies, awards within the framework will create the desired entourage. Instead of tall cabinets, use open shelving or compact modules with clear glass.

The idea will be successfully complemented by colorful bicycles in a retro style or the image of gold cups on pale curtains. In general, preference for strict forms, although at the same time tender age requires emotions from beauty, which are given by paints and favorite toys. This explains the eclectic mix in the girl’s bedroom..

Original shelving In olive and fuchsia colors

The child’s temperament determines the design. Turgenev’s young ladies are close to pastoral subjects in natural colors. If gray, then transparent. Blue is associated with the bottomlessness of the sky, blue – with a distant horizon on a clear day, pink – with a slight girlish blush. Fuchsia or turquoise color attributes become accentuated, and do not violate the created harmony of the overall composition. Without a four-poster bed, the plot will not be complete, but it also has the right to be realized in its own interpretation..

Explore the space, adapt ideas for yourself and do not forget about experiments in creativity!

In the spirit of retro

Canopy bed Turquoise yellow bedspread Beautiful curtains Glamorous bedroom Delicate color combination Harmonious combination Emphasis on red accessories Modern design Combination of different prints Room in neutral tones Bed with blue headboard