Kitchen design in the country

Imagine how pleasant it is to sit at the dining table and enjoy the views of nature. Even cooking with trees, meadows, fields and everything like that is a pleasure outside the window. Therefore, now comfortable kitchens in the country are so appreciated. Closeness to nature has a truly beneficial effect on a person, his health and emotional state. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that you need to cook food in a good mood, and in order to have a good appetite while eating, the atmosphere must be favorable. And where else but in the country kitchen to find all this?

Kitchen design in the country

Arrangement of a kitchen in the middle of nature

Since people come to the dacha first of all to rest, then the time for cooking should be kept to a minimum. To do this, it is necessary to carefully think over and plan the interior of the kitchen, so that it is convenient to move around the room, and everything is at hand. Pull-out shelves, a low and wide window sill that can be used as an additional work space – all these are your assistants.

Comfortable interior of the country kitchen

Exterior design and furniture should be relaxing, so here you can often see fireplaces, armchairs and soft corners..

Fireplace in the country kitchen Chairs in the kitchen in the country Kitchen couch

A little about furniture

Since the dacha is a natural corner where we are looking for protection from everyday work, stress and various negative moments, then the furniture there should carry the same atmosphere, that is, natural, natural. Therefore, wood is considered the best material for furniture. In addition, it is able not only to give you a beautiful appearance and natural aura, but also to withstand cold winters, especially if your summer cottage does not have heating..

Wood in the kitchen Kitchen in the country made of wood

If natural wood is too expensive for you, you can replace it, for example, chipboard and MDF. These materials are slightly less strong and hardy, but they also look good..

So, each person has his own criteria for the convenience and comfort of the interior, so someone prefers one style, someone else. Country kitchen is no exception, here you can also create a certain stylistic atmosphere.

Classics – a tribute to tradition

For those who prefer traditional interiors, the classic style is suitable. Light-colored wood is most often used here, and white or beige cladding for the walls. As for the furniture, a characteristic feature is open shelves and cabinets, as if imitating vintage or with glass doors. Add silver or gold plated finishes and brass details here.

Classic kitchen in the country Classic kitchen

Provence – sophisticated rustic design

For a summer residence, this style is very well suited, since it implies the presence of various small details, which are full in country houses. Most often, these accessories are made by hand. Furniture in the Provence style is often made of wood, sometimes decorated. Although this interior looks «country-style», but has exquisite motives. Convenience, simplicity and economy reign here. A distinctive feature can be a stylized range hood or carpet runner in the spirit of a farmhouse.

Provence style kitchen

Country style kitchen

Here, too, natural wood reigns, but shrouded in a simple and unassuming atmosphere. This is the least expensive style you can create from old items by freshening them up a bit. For furniture, coarse grinding, firing, brushing, that is, processing with a stiff brush, is used. In addition to wood, country kitchen uses natural or artificial stone..

Country style for the kitchen in the country Country style kitchen

Distinctive features

In addition to using natural wood, weaving is characteristic of the country kitchen. It may be just wicker backs of chairs, but they so unobtrusively and neatly emphasize a friendly and natural atmosphere..

Weaving as a special element of the kitchen

It can also be forged products or only elements. And especially here textiles feel good, they make the kitchen cozy and homely. Chair seat fabric covers already bring variety and comfort.

Kitchen textiles

The presence of decor in the country kitchen is also important, as well as in an apartment or house. And the same rule applies here as elsewhere: not too much and not too little. Everything and everywhere is good in moderation, complement your interior with several accessories that are most suitable for you, and your kitchen will sparkle with new colors, and it will always be pleasant to be in it, even if you are there for a short time..

Color spectrum

As color variations, any colors may be appropriate here, depending on your preferences and style orientation. But designers still advise softer and even bed colors: beige, white, sand, pale green, yellow (not bright), calm orange, terracotta and natural wood color.

Colors in the kitchen Light colors in the country kitchen Bed tones

If you love nature, feel a huge surge of energy here, and you have a summer residence, then rest assured that it is impossible to overestimate the correct design of a country kitchen. Competently selected furniture, general furnishings, colors and much more will give you an unforgettable experience while relaxing in the country..

Real country kitchen Cozy kitchen in the country Good kitchen design in the country