Matte kitchen: a touch of conservatism

Many, when designing a kitchen, from the very beginning are faced with a rather difficult, but very important choice – what should be the ideal kitchen, glossy or matte? Undoubtedly, a glossy kitchen always looks more presentable and elegant, but many are repelled by the impracticality of such surfaces. Any traces and scratches gape on the gloss like a stigma, and such a kitchen requires several times more care. Matte surfaces are much more practical and more convenient, they are easy to wash and harder to ruin, but to create a truly original, not only comfortable, but also eye-catching matte kitchen, all the details must be carefully thought out and a lot of time and effort must be invested in the work..

Expensive matte kitchen

Matte kitchen, all «per» and «against»

Why are many people more and more inclined to choose matte surfaces? First of all, it is the ease of cleaning them. Even on a dark matte surface, traces of sweaty palms of children, stains from detergent or just dirt will not be as noticeable as on a shiny gloss. The only thing that can cause problems when cleaning this kind of kitchen is traces of grease, but if you do not postpone cleaning and do not wait until the grease becomes part of the countertop, you can forget about this inconvenience..

Gloss is undoubtedly a brilliant reflection of the hostess’s ability to keep the house clean, but any, even the slightest scratch can ruin the entire appearance of the kitchen. Matte surfaces are protected from this kind of excesses, defects on them are less noticeable.

Most often, problems arise from the ability of matte surfaces to visually reduce the space, which can completely ruin the appearance of the kitchen in small spaces. In addition, when choosing a matte kitchen, an important role is played by what tones the future color scheme will rely on – dark or light.

Matte metallic kitchen

Large spaces

The kitchen, which is often the heart of the home, needs to be perfectly planned. Many owners of large, spacious kitchens, having acquired the latest technical innovations and arranging kitchen furniture, are faced with the problem of excess space. Storing knickknacks on pedestals makes it difficult to get rid of this feeling, and the statue between the stove and the refrigerator will look ridiculous. Matte surfaces will be a real salvation for people faced with similar problems, because dark (not necessarily black) matte furniture visually reduces the space. Having got rid of the feeling of emptiness, the kitchen will become much more comfortable, and its inhabitants will not have to spend time, effort and money on its redevelopment..

Matte modern kitchen Large matte kitchen matt kitchen in penthouse Matte kitchen layout Original matte kitchen interior

Small kitchens

Small, multifunctional, well-designed kitchens most often become the highlight of small apartments or small, cozy country houses. In this case, the main feature of matte surfaces is reversed, becoming a big problem for the designer. In fact, even this kind of situation does not remain hopeless. In no case should small matte kitchens be piled up with unnecessary kitchen utensils, and make them completely dark or light. The best solution would be to completely abandon contrasting colors, using only textural elements, for example, decorated with marble or wood. Such surfaces will retain all the features of a matte finish, and will not deprive small kitchens of such precious space for them..

Versatile matte kitchen Contemporary matte kitchen Neat matte kitchen Matt kitchen minimalism Strict matte kitchen White matte kitchen Bright matte kitchen Matte kitchen in warm colors

Dark kitchens

In addition to all of the above, the shades of matte surfaces play a very important role. Dark matte finishes are suitable for people with a measured, calm pace of life, because their vocation is to calm and relax. Such a kitchen is not suitable for people who have only fifteen minutes for lunch, it will attract, induce certain reflections, relax and rebuild a person’s life rhythm for themselves. In such rooms, rest is much better, and the meal becomes measured and truly refined, because no one starts to rush anywhere, and everyone just enjoys life..

Matte kitchen in dark colors Matte gothic kitchen

Bright spaces

Matte kitchens, decorated in light (very often white) colors, have a completely opposite effect on a person. This kind of design can be compared to invigorating coffee – refined, elegant, sophisticated, but at the same time invigorating, propelling to action, indicating problem solving. Such kitchens are very good for families without children who spend little time at home, but want to be surrounded by luxury. Most often, such people are active and proactive, so everything around, including the kitchen, should support their endeavors and aspirations..

The most matte kitchen Snow white matte kitchen Comfortable matte kitchen Contemporary matte kitchen

Optimal solution – large window and matt surface

If the future kitchen boasts a large window, and the main focus of the room lighting will be on it, a matte kitchen will be the best option. Calm and measured, bathing in the sun’s rays, such a kitchen will be the most lively and comfortable, regardless of the colors in which it is decorated and in what room size it is placed. Dark matte surfaces will not pile up and escalate the situation if they have enough sunlight, so they can be installed without a twinge of conscience even in small rooms, and light kitchens will only become cozier and fresher from the sun’s rays making their way through the foliage.

Designer matte kitchen Dark matte kitchen with a large window Bright matte kitchen with a window Textured matte kitchen Large windows in frosted kitchens