Modern cottage design

Modern dwelling is not just a place to live, it is a whole world for its owners, a reflection of their views on comfort, aesthetics and functionality. When decorating their home, the owners can implement both their design ideas and take advantage of modern trends, passed through the prism of their own ideas of beauty, harmony and practicality. And the fashion for interior design does not stand still – new materials and their combinations, current color palettes and models of furniture, household appliances appear. Of course, the change in trends in the field of interior design is not as rapid as the change in the mainstream in fashion for clothes, for example. But a certain change in trends can be traced with each new season. If you are planning a renovation or a small alteration in your private house, if you want to see a home not only comfortable, practical, attractive in appearance, but also modern, then our impressive selection of current design projects is for you.

Interior of a modern living room

Kitchen-dining room in a private house

The main trends in the design of cottages in 2017

Bright and spacious rooms

Space and abundance of light is the key to success in creating any interior design. If your home has spacious rooms with large windows, then it will not be difficult to equip it in a modern style. Fortunately, the situation with large areas in private houses is much more rosy than in standard-built apartments. In your household, you can expand the doorways and replace the panoramic windows if you wish. But it happens that in private houses the rooms do not differ in large volumes. If it is impossible to physically increase the space, then all that remains is to achieve a visual increase in the parameters of the rooms. All well-known design techniques are used – the use of light colors for finishing surfaces, mirror, glass and glossy surfaces, strengthening the lighting system and distributing light sources by zones, using a layout that will allow natural light to spread unhindered, refusing to drape windows or using thin ones, translucent fabrics.

Bright room in the living room

Spacious and bright dining room

Private house with glass walls

Volume, space and light

Dining room with huge arched windows

Combination of functional areas

Combining the kitchen, dining room and living room within one large room is relevant not only in apartments, but also in private households. The use of an open plan when combining functional segments does not lose popularity. For many owners of private apartments, it is more convenient to use the space in which all the important areas for the whole family are combined – the kitchen, dining room and living room. Often, a hallway or common corridor area is also added to the combined space. At the same time, the bedrooms of parents and children are separated into separate rooms, bathrooms and toilets are also separated..

Alignment of functional segments

Combined space

Kitchen-dining room in a spacious room

Layout of a two-story house

When decorating a common room, in which the kitchen, dining room and living room areas smoothly flow into one another, it is important to maintain the general concept, but at the same time effectively zoning the space. As a rule, such a multifunctional room is made in a single finish, furniture models in different segments have the same stylistic performance, but may differ in color and texture. Only in the kitchen area can one find a deviation from the general choice of finishing materials – the kitchen apron and the floor covering in the working area can be made using ceramic (stone) tiles. Moreover, each functional area has its own light sources – point or in the form of strip illumination.

Kitchen-dining-living room in one room

Tree everywhere

Multifunctional premises

Traditional kitchen-dining room

But the combination of functional areas affected not only the connection of the living room with the kitchen and dining room. In modern homes, it is rare to find a home office as a separate room. The only exceptions are owners who work from home and spend most of the day at their desk or computer desk. In other cases, a small home office is located within premises with a different functional purpose. For example, in a bedroom, a work table can, among other things, play the role of a dressing table. Most often, the workplace is located by the window, but it all depends on the size, layout and the number of window openings in the room.

Emphasis on the armchair

Bedroom in blue tones

Pastel shades

Also, the workplace can be placed in the dining room, if it is isolated in a separate room of a large area …

Workplace in the dining room

Equally popular is the introduction of a home mini-office into the living room space …

Study in the living room

Home office in the living room

Using eco-motives

The introduction of eco-style motives into a modern interior is not a new trend. But in the coming season, it does not lose its relevance. After all, many of us would like to feel close to nature in a noisy and dusty city, and the easiest way to do this is in a cozy and quiet harbor – our own home. With the help of natural materials and living plants, it is not easy to bring warm notes into a modern interior, but also to create a truly exclusive design. For example, roughly finished wooden ceiling beams will look contrasting in a minimalist interior or among the glossy and metallic sheen of a high-tech room..

Eco-motives in a modern style

Natural motives in the bedroom

Wood in decoration and furnishings

Combination of materials

Emphasis on ceiling decoration

Emphasis on wood elements

Natural motives

Finishing features

Contemporary style places personal comfort at the forefront of the design of living spaces. Even in surface finishing, convenience and practicality, durability and environmental friendliness of materials are becoming more important than aesthetics. Therefore, plain surfaces that are not capable of harming humans and the environment, which are easy to maintain and can be exploited for a long time, are becoming mainstream. It is very popular to introduce it into rooms with a conventional finish to imitate concrete surfaces. Create «concrete» the wall or part of it can be done with liquid wallpaper, decorative plaster or non-woven fabrics. Cork coverings for walls or their sections are no less popular. High environmental friendliness, ability «breathe», excellent sound and heat insulation properties are prioritized.

Concrete surfaces

Combined finish

Original finish

Laconic way of finishing

One of the trends that emerged a couple of seasons ago was the use of textured finishing materials to decorate the accent wall in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dining rooms and even children’s rooms. The use of textile wallpaper, wall panels made from various raw materials, allows you not only to create variety in the decoration of the vertical surfaces of the room, but to execute a truly unique interior design.

Accent wall

We combine finishing materials

Another equally popular trend in accent wall design is the use of brickwork. It can be a real brick wall, left in its natural color scheme and only treated with the necessary antiseptics, it can be imitation using wallpaper or wall panels, tiles. It is also relevant to paint brick walls in white (or any light, pastel tone – depending on the color scheme of the interior), the accent of the surface is obtained not by color, but by texture.

Snow-white brickwork

Kitchen decoration

Unusual wall and ceiling decoration

Original design

Contrasting interior

Fashionable colors

White will never go out of style. And not only because it perfectly contributes to the visual expansion of space in small rooms. In spacious rooms, it is used at least as the main background. With the help of white, you can create a light, airy, almost weightless image of the interior. In addition, it goes well with any color solutions for the rest of the room design, which is important for homeowners who decide to draw up a home renovation project on their own. Against a snow-white background, even dull objects look contrasting, expressive, spectacular

Snow-white surfaces

Light image of the room

Light living room design

Light surfaces in the kitchen

Snow-white idyll of cuisine

Contrasting combinations have not gone out of fashion for several seasons. Dynamic, expressive and at the same time outwardly attractive images of premises, which can be created by alternating snow-white surfaces with dark spots, are loved by both designers and their customers. The black and white interior is diluted with various shades of gray, the introduction of wood surfaces. The result is a fresh, yet austere, modern, yet cozy ambience..

Contrasting kitchen design

Alternating light and dark

Contrasting combinations

The contrasting look of the living room

Modern, contrasting design

White and black interior

The latest trend is the integration of bright interior items into the light image of the room. Against the background of snow-white or pastel surfaces, any colored piece of furniture or decor will look spectacular and expressive. But this season, designers offer not «to be shy» in choosing an accent and acquire really bright, colorful interior design elements. It can be both deep dark tones and bright saturated shades..

Bright interior items

Accent spots

Bright details

Bright objects on white background

Complex shades of blue are incredibly popular this season. Ultramarine and turquoise, malachite blue and indigo, blue with a touch of white or gray, color «frayed jeans» or clear sky – all these variations can be used both as the main background of the room (it all depends on its size and location relative to the cardinal points), and as accent spots in the light image of the space.

The colorful tone of storage systems

Color scheme for the kitchen

Original color scheme

Bright turquoise accents

Deep blue gray furniture color

Beautiful shade of facades

The combination of blues and blues with mustard, sand, gold and lemon tones is becoming the mainstream of modern design projects. The combinations are quite daring and require the intervention of specialists. Therefore, it is necessary and finishing materials, and furniture, be sure to choose what is called «live». You should not rely on photos on the Internet – the shades should be in harmony, contribute to the creation of a positive, light, but at the same time exclusive atmosphere of the room.

Pleasant color combination

Bright combinations

Nice color palette

Bright fronts of kitchen cabinets

Current selection of furniture

Simplicity and brevity, convenience and comfort are in fashion. In modern design projects, it is less and less common to see pieces of furniture that are complex in design, which are purchased solely because of the popularity of the designer’s name. Convenient and simple in their genius solutions are the key to creating a comfortable, functional and cozy interior. If we talk about upholstered furniture for the living room and bedroom, then it is mostly simple and concise, but made of solid materials that can last for many years. Upholstered furniture is often equipped with folding mechanisms, is capable of transforming, has cavities that serve as storage systems – functionality, practicality and ease of use are at the forefront.

Upholstered furniture for the living room

Spacious living room design

Emphasis on bright upholstery

The kingdom of symmetry

As for the choice of furniture used as storage systems, smooth facades are still in vogue. Laconicism and simplicity, even some severity of such a performance harmoniously fits into any of the variations of the modern style. In the kitchen space, smooth facades are used for the execution of the upper and lower tiers of cabinets (or combined with doors equipped with fittings), low storage systems are used in living rooms, in some cases – hinged modules, in bedrooms laconicism is most often present in the form of built-in wardrobes.

Smooth facades

Snow white gloss

Original and strict execution

Smooth facades for the living room

Modern furnishings

Decorating and lighting a modern home

Minimalism is less and less influencing the preparation of design projects for rooms in a modern style. The main trends have remained the same – striving for maximum comfort by distributing the available space between the necessary household items. It is necessary to get rid of all that is superfluous and leave only functional items that can also act as decor. In the new season, this thesis softens, designers offer more opportunities to decorate their homes. But any decoration should not harm the holistic perception of the image of space – it should not litter it, crush surfaces, visually reduce the volume.

Room decoration

Scandinavian motives

Bedroom with traditional motives

The lighting system plays an important role in the formation of premises of any functional purpose. But in private houses, the choice and distribution of lamps is more acute, because many rooms have a really large area, contain different life segments, each of which needs individual lighting. If several zones are combined in a space, then, as a rule, the lighting system acts as the main central chandelier (or two), point light sources in each zone and possible illumination built into furniture (most often in kitchen spaces).

Neo-classic in the kitchen

Spot lighting system

White and black kitchen

Lighting in a spacious room

Features of the design of rooms with various purposes

Living room

The formation of modern style is greatly influenced by the Scandinavian style. Its simplicity, side by side with comfort and elegance, attracts with its availability of performance and versatility. The motives of the Nordic countries can be used not only in apartments, but also within city or country houses. Snow-white walls, comfortable upholstered furniture, the obligatory presence of wooden surfaces (whether it be flooring, storage systems or a workplace), textiles made from natural raw materials and living plants – in such an environment, most of us can easily feel cozy and comfortable..

Scandinavian style

Modern living room

Comfort in a spacious room

In a snow-white house


The bedroom in a modern private house is a bright and comfortable room. Not always spacious, but necessarily decorated with the maximum level of personal comfort for the owners of the space. The light finish creates the perfect tone for the main «character» interior – beds. It is the sleeping place that becomes the main accent and can be done with a certain amount of luxury – expensive headboard upholstery, natural fabrics in textile design.

Laconic bedroom design

Practical interior

Vivid color combinations

Bedroom in pastel colors

Kitchen and dining room

In private households, the kitchen, as a rule, is a fairly spacious room in which you do not need to carve out every centimeter of usable space. That is why, in most cases, there is no need to allocate a separate room for the dining room. The kitchen, decorated in a modern style, is technologically advanced and multifunctional, laconic in its decoration, but multitasking in terms of integrating household appliances into a furniture ensemble. All ergonomic principles for the correct and safe arrangement of appliances, storage systems, work surfaces and places for meals are respected by default – the area allows you not to save.

Kitchen-dining room in a private house

Kitchen ensemble in light colors

Kitchen interior in a private house

Children’s room

Children’s rooms are a space for which it is difficult to artificially create trends. All children are different, with their own preferences in the types of games and creativity, favorite characters, fairy tales, cartoons. The age of the child and the approximate time is also becoming important.Therefore, there is no need to talk about the motives for drawing up design projects for children. We can only say that materials that do not harm the health of the child, can be easily cleaned and at the same time not lose their presentation will never go out of fashion..

Room design for teens

Children's room interior

Light design of a children's bedroom


If the entire space of a private house is designed in a modern style, then utilitarian premises will look the same. Practicality and functionality are paramount. Simplicity in the choice of color schemes allows you to create visually spacious images even within a room with a modest area. Pastel shades in surface finishes and storage systems are in perfect harmony with the whiteness of plumbing fixtures, creating a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Bathroom design

In a spacious bathroom

Contrasts for the bathroom

Bathroom decoration and layout

In a bright and spacious bathroom