Modern style in the living room – trends of 2018

The current year is coming to an end, and with it the old tendencies in various spheres of our life are leaving. Soon there will be not only the change of seasons, weather conditions and the onset of the long-awaited holidays, but also the continuous metamorphoses that are constantly replacing each other in the field of residential interior design will become more obvious. Of course, designers do not incline us to radically change the appearance of their home, but for those who are planning renovations or even a small reconstruction of an apartment or house, it is better to keep abreast of the latest trends. After all, every owner wants to see his home not only convenient, comfortable, beautiful, but also fashionable, stylish, modern, decorated with the help of innovative materials and methods of creating various interior items..

Modern style of living room interior

Living room and modern style

Laconic living room design

About what new trends in interior design appeared at the end of this season and will be relevant in the future, we invite you to find out on the examples of design projects of living rooms, collected by us in different parts of the world. It is the living room that is considered the main room in a house or apartment, it is here that family gatherings take place and guests are received, here you can relax and unwind, gain strength for new achievements. The living room in the new season is a cozy room with the maximum level of personal comfort, harmonious, but at the same time incredibly functional.

The original design of the living room

Modern motives for the home

In a snow-white living room

Living room 2017 – new trends

At all recent exhibitions dedicated to interior design, one can see the clear dominance of the well-being motif, which can be translated as «well-being». It is not surprising that in the era of the total Internet, innovations, the incredible influence of various media resources, virtual communication, we increasingly need to create the most cozy, comfortable and warm interior in all respects. The living room of 2018 is designed to be just such a quiet haven for information-crowded minds and eyes tired of the constant flickering of advertisements. But in pursuit of the latest innovations in the design of living spaces, it is important not to lose your own flair, maintain individuality and emphasize personal preferences, and not blindly follow the algorithm for creating the interior of a modern living room.

Wood finishing

Unusual fireplace

Minimalist furnishings

Luxurious geometry

The concept of comfort for everyone is individual. For some, for relaxation, it is enough to plunge into a quiet atmosphere with a neutral decor, while others need accents – both in the interior and the atmosphere of the surrounding space. But the designers tried to create a trend that many will like, to one degree or another, will satisfy the needs and reflect the stylistic preferences in the design project compiled with their own hands. Motive «well-being» in their understanding, it is associated with a return to the roots, origins. That is why in recent living room projects so much attention is paid to creating a truly warm atmosphere, through the use of simple and concise solutions, in some cases with a rustic touch..

Masonry in the living room

Variegated carpet

Original print for a strict design

Natural materials, a family hearth, the warmth of home coziness and comfort, soft and fluffy fabrics, pleasant and natural colors – all these motives of modern style are literally created for the decoration of living rooms. If, to create a warm atmosphere in a modern room, you need to install an old chest of drawers or put covers with handmade lace on the sofa cushions, then in the new season you can do this without hesitation. Recent trends in the design of living spaces allow for active decoration, which has long been denied by the minimalist moods of modern style..

Living room decoration

Decorative items for the living room

Abundant decor

Color palette – set the tone for your living room

If we talk about the most popular color option for wall decoration in the living room of the coming season, then there will be no surprises – all shades of white are still the perfect backdrop for any furniture and decor. Light walls help not only visually increase the volume of the room, but also create a light, relaxed image of the space. In addition, in a room with snow-white walls, it is easiest to use a design technique of accentuation – painting one of the surfaces in a bright color.

Accent wall in a white living room

Light image

Snow-white surfaces

All shades of white

Light and white

The combination of snow-white tones with wooden surfaces is still relevant. Materials that are opposite in color temperature will create a harmonious union due to the fact that the white tone is perfectly combined with any color and textured design of the planes. Natural wood grain will help bring warmth to a fairly cool snow-white look..

Snow-white brick and wood

Wooden furniture in a white living room

Alternating white planes and wood

Light but warm image

Contrasting combinations (dominated by white) are still relevant to modern living room designs. Not only black and white combinations can decorate your interior and make it more dynamic. You can combine a white tone with a dark gray (graphite), dark chocolate color, a very dark, deep burgundy shade. The interior always turns out to be clear, constructive, concise and structured..

Contrasting interior

White and black combinations

Contrast living-dining room

Dynamic design of the attic living room

Gray color and many of its shades do not cease to be mainstream in the design of living spaces. The living room of 2018 will be no exception. Practicality, versatility and incredible harmony of this color allows you to use it in a variety of combinations, combining with white, dark tones and bright spots of accents. Gray color will be relevant for the execution of both furniture solutions and materials for finishing.

Gray for upholstery

Gray tones in a modern living room

Luxurious gray

White and gray interior

Materials for a modern style

If we talk about the organic combination of the popular color palette with a soft pleasant glow, then elements from copper, brass and even gilding will help to provide it. If you like a silver look, go for a matte finish over a chrome (shiny) one. Brass and copper are attractive for their light, slightly reddish glow, which brings a touch of mystery and magic to any interior. These alloys are easy to imagine in a company with a wide variety of wood species. A touch of luxury amidst modern furnishings.

Shine of gilding

Warm color palette

If we talk about textiles, plush will be the most popular material. Its varieties are able to literally fill the space with warmth and comfort. The pleasing touch, warmth and inviting aesthetics of velvet and velor help bring luxury and elegance to your living room. Almost all variations of plush have a subtle characteristic shine, which will add gloss to even the most modest and laconic room. Initially, only very wealthy people could afford the luxury of using velvet or velor in the decoration of the main room of the dwelling (as a rule, for upholstery of upholstered furniture). Currently, plush looks great as an upholstery for modern models of sofas and armchairs, ottomans and poufs, as a material for the backs of classic chairs.

Velor upholstery

Accent velor

Original color solutions

Luxury upholstery colors

Dark velvet

Long pile and «fluffy» fabrics will also become integral companions of modern living room design projects. It is these elements that bring warmth and coziness to the atmosphere of the common room, and become favorite surfaces for touching. Whether it is a deep pile carpet or a chair cover – a comfortable and very homely atmosphere of the living room will be provided to you.

Fluffy materials

Snow-white long pile

Strict color schemes

Unusual texture

Leather upholstery of upholstered furniture does not go out of fashion. The material is too practical and versatile to be easily written off. Most often, leather (or its quality analogue) is used in warm, natural shades – from dark chocolate to light beige.

Leather corner sofa

Leather for upholstery

Redhead skin on concrete background

Ochery upholstery on white background

Living room with original lighting

To integrate the elements of rural life in modern design projects, wicker items are increasingly common. These can be baskets for books standing next to a diva or armchairs, original poufs and rocking chairs. The decorative items can also be made of vines or rattan. The main feature is the use of the natural color of the material. As a last resort, you can whiten the textured structure of wicker interior items..

Braided elements

Elements of village life

Unusual living room furnishings

Clinker bricks or terracotta tiles are increasingly used as material for accent finishes. The most commonly used option is «brickwork» in a matte version, sometimes with specially aged surfaces. Terracotta tiles bring a touch of industrialism on the one hand, and on the other, bring the interior closer to a simple, rustic life, where raw surfaces are often used. In addition, terracotta bricks can be used not only for partial decoration of the living room, but also for facing the fireplace and the space around it..

Brickwork in the living room

Terracotta brick in a modern living room

This is not the first time that the theme of closeness to nature has become mainstream. It is not surprising that city dwellers miss the color of the trees, the brightness of young grass, the shine of the water surface and the smoothness of stones on the beach, amid noise and dust. In country houses, the owners want to create an authentic village life atmosphere with a pleasant look and warm body. That is why wood is actively used as a finishing material – for walls, floors and even ceilings. Whether such a design will be accent or basic depends on the size of the room, the level of natural light and the personal preferences of the owners of the home..

Wood finish

Light wood finish

Tree everywhere

Modern living room – harmony of ideas of different styles

The contemporary style is multifaceted and eclectic. It can harmoniously combine motives from styles:

  • loft;
  • minimalism;
  • country;
  • eclecticism;
  • eco-style;
  • classical;
  • Scandinavian.

Traditional motives in a modern style

Bright accents on a gray background

A bright accent in a bright living room

Accents for light design

If in previous seasons there was a lot of minimalism and industrial styles in modern style, then current trends offer us more «soft» an approach with a bias towards restrained decoration. The modern living room is no longer so laconic and austere, additional elements appear in it, bringing greater comfort and coziness. The living room of 2018 has a lot more light and color, contrasting combinations and bright spots. The almost completely disappeared print returns to the living room interior in the form of fabrics for upholstery of poufs and ottomans, and sometimes large armchairs, in the form of a pattern on carpets or curtains.

Print in a modern living room

Bright combinations

Variegated carpet

For all lovers of the Scandinavian style, modern trends in the design of living spaces will be closer than ever. Freedom and light, space and conciseness, comfort and interchangeability of interior elements – everything that designers and their customers adore so much in the style of Northern Europe will be relevant in the coming season. The Scandinavian style is not as cold and straightforward as the minimalist, it is simple, but at the same time comfortable and cozy. Scandinavian motives in modern style are also close to Russians – our climatic conditions are similar (at least in most territories of our vast country), the desire to create a practical, but cozy interior also makes us close.

Laconic Scandinavian style

Cozy environment

Scandinavian motives

Light and warm interior

Living-dining room in a Scandinavian manner

Original fireplace stove

Believe it or not, modern design projects have a lot of elements from classic stylistic trends. The traditional style is present mainly in the execution of upholstered furniture. It can be either a large sofa or a pair of compact armchairs, an ottoman ottoman, which acts as a furniture island. Classic motives in the design of furniture fit perfectly into a modern, neutral environment, becoming the focal points of the interior.

Classic motives

Classic style furniture

The kingdom of symmetry and tradition

Traditional motives

Another feature of the use of classic motifs in ultra-modern rooms is an extraordinary approach to decoration. For example, in a living room decorated in the contemporary style (one of the options for modern style), there can be perfect neutral walls, plain and without decor, parquet or floor boards in a laconic design and a luxurious ceiling with rich stucco molding.

Classic in decoration for contemporary

Examples of living room decoration in a modern style

We bring to your attention interesting design projects for living rooms, kindly provided to us by Mr.Doors. Comfortable and functional, practical, but at the same time cozy, modern and in many ways universal – these living rooms can organically fit into the home of a modern person. Neutral colors, high quality furnishings and decor, and the use of the latest innovations have created truly balanced variations for the design of a modern living room. Even more options for decorating family rooms can be see here.

Snow-white glossy facades

Focus on storage systems

Comfortable and practical ensemble

Living room in gray tones

Turnkey living room solution

Modern style in the living room

Furniture ensemble for a functional living room