Modernist bathrooms

The line between Art Nouveau and Modernism is very thin. It is generally accepted that modernism is a logical continuation of modernity, only in accordance with the latest trends in the fashion world..

Modernism is a unique design phenomenon. This style brought together a variety of directions and schools. The unprecedented popularity of modernism in our time is due to the freedom of the author’s approach to the embodiment of stylistic ideas. Each designer in this direction creates not only a reflection of reality, but also his attitude to it..

The bathrooms, designed in accordance with the requirements of modernism, have a feeling of spaciousness and light. Projects for their arrangement are distinguished by rationality and functionality..

Wicker basket in modern bathroom

Characteristic features of modernism for bathroom interiors:

  • application of the latest technologies and materials;
  • clear and strict lines;
  • light color palette;
  • the minimum number of decorative elements;
  • split-level floors and ceilings;
  • non-traditional ways of zoning space;
  • main materials: glass, metal, stone, plastic.

Ceiling structures

First of all, when renovating bathrooms, attention is paid to the ceilings. Traditionally, these are white or light-colored designs:

Blue windows in the bathroom Oval bathtub near a wooden wall

If the layout of the house allows, then placing a window opening on the ceiling would be an excellent solution. This will get rid of unnecessary artificial light sources:

Oval bathtub near a wooden wall Blue curtain screen in the bathroom

Multilevel ceiling structures are functional and practical. With their help, the area varies:

Cardina with a tree on the wall on the left in the bathroom Turquoise towel on the edge of the bathtub

Chandeliers on the ceiling and other lamps are distinguished by soft lines and geometric shapes:

White marble on the walls in the bathroom High mixer above the oval bathtub


Ceramic tiles are used for the flooring in modern bathrooms. it is the most practical material for rooms with high humidity. The existing varieties of such a finishing material allow you to create various design effects. Since modernism is, first of all, rationality, experts recommend using porcelain stoneware for floor decoration:

Frosted glass partition in the bathroom

In a bright bathroom interior, multi-colored or darker floors accentuate the freshness of the main background. For example, green mosaic tiles on the floor rhyme with the landscape outside the window, and black porcelain stoneware visually elevates the bathroom space and creates the illusion of weightlessness:

Green mosaic bathroom floor Bathroom black floor

Self-leveling floor is the ideal solution for modern style bathrooms. The absence of butt seams significantly increases the service life of such a coating and prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. In addition to practicality, self-leveling floors look very impressive, with their help you can transform the interior:

Brown bathroom floor Wooden rectangular bathtub

Laminate or parquet is not the most practical material for bathroom floors. But if you decide on such a coating, you need to choose a coating with increased moisture resistance, the room must have a powerful ventilation system. Of course, floors that resemble natural wood will add a special charm to the bathroom interior:

Wooden bathroom floor 

Wall decoration

The main idea of ​​modernism is the lightness and airiness of space. Designers achieve this effect using white or light pastel colors. Walls decorated in light green or gray look interesting:

Bathroom in green Two sinks under the bathroom mirror

Tiles of a wide variety of textures are used as a finishing material for the walls. It can be a classic smooth tile with a glossy surface or with a relief pattern:

Wooden stool in the shower

The surface that imitates masonry from small segments looks unusual and original:

White bouquet on a white sink

Smooth, even wall surfaces are a classic of the genre, therefore, this design option is appropriate in a modernist style bathroom:

Yellow rug in a white bathroom The bathtub is on the wooden floor

Space transformation

The division of the territory into separate sections of the bathroom in the style of modernism is no different from other styles in principle. Color borders, partitions, and materials that differ in texture can be used here. Glass partitions are the most common zoning method in a bathroom. Showers can be separated from the general room by walls made of transparent or matte plexiglass:

Bathroom accessories in a black container Bathroom accessories in a black container

Partitions can also be made according to the principle of combining building materials: glass on one side, drywall, wood or plastic on the other:

Lounger in the bathroom

It is also possible to separate the shower area from other areas with the help of materials of different texture: panels that imitate natural granite contrast with panels for wooden lining:

Wooden panels in the bathroom

The part of the room where the bathtub is directly installed can not only be separated with a glass sliding door or wall, but also decorate the walls with other tiles:

Gray-black bathroom tiles Gray rug on the bathroom floor

Partitions inside the bathroom can be solid and fundamental, finished with the same materials as the rest of the room. They give a sense of solidity and security:

Wooden crossbeams on the bathroom ceiling Partition with beige tiles in the bathroom

Configuration of sinks and baths

It is possible to achieve originality in the interior of a bathroom in the style of modernism not only with an extraordinary design, but also with an intricate form of models of bathtubs or washbasins..


Double washbasins on a solid masonry worktop are distinguished by their simplicity and restraint in design:

Two small mirrors on brackets in the bathroom

Washbasins in the form of a rectangular pallet – a classic shape for the modernist style:

Cantilever hollow sink stand Bathroom in black tiles

Instead of a traditional sink, the designers offer such an extravagant option: two rectangular segments beveled towards the center form an opening for draining water:

Yellow flowers between two shells


The bathtub, trimmed with wood around the perimeter, looks unusual. If you pick up other pieces of furniture made of wood, then you can create an ensemble:

Wooden bathtub

The classic oval bathtub can be installed in the middle of the room. In this case, it is necessary to think over the installation of all communications in order to free up the space around it as much as possible:

brown mosaic on the bathroom wall Panoramic window in a gray bathroom

Bathroom windows

An element such as windows serve as a source of light in the bathroom and be an accent link in the interior.

windows in a black frame at the top of the bathroom

Narrow window openings, designed under the very ceiling, will allow the walls to be used to accommodate plumbing communications and provide access to sunlight:

Wall-mounted toilet in the bathroom Wooden rectangular trash can next to the toilet

Panoramic and corner windows are a fashion trend. Of course, this kind of glazing looks great, but it is not suitable for all bathrooms. Be prepared for the fact that a panoramic window located in the immediate vicinity of a bathtub or washbasin will often fog up and there will be traces of water on it:

Striped bathroom rug Corner window in the bathroom

The optimal placement of the window in the bathroom is a wall located away from the bathtub or washbasin or at a sufficient height from them:

White wall cabinet with sink White blinds on the window

Extravagant bathroom solutions

Modernism is always a search and experiment. Therefore, this style is chosen by bold and creative residents and designers. We offer you to consider several ways to design extravagant bathrooms.

The shower cubicle resembles a Turkish bath – hamam – with special marble seats. In such a design of seats, it is imperative to think over the technology of their heating:

Corner bench made of tiles in the bathroom

A geometrically regular shape with clear lines, the bathtub fits harmoniously into the interior with the basic geometric idea:

Perforated partition in the bathroom

An attic bathroom is a great way to save money on ceiling and wall finishes. they merge into one whole. Multilevel lighting and a light background create the volume of this room:

Attic wall in the bathroom

The design with a built-in toilet and a cylindrical sink looks absolutely incredible. This will certainly save space, but how practical this option is is up to you:

Built-in toilet on a gray base

Bathrooms with access to the winter garden are magnificent and extravagant. If you make a bath in a recess in the floor, then the exit to the green zone will imitate the shore of the reservoir:

Open door from the bathroom to the winter garden Steps in the built-in bathtub

Biofireplace in the bathroom will give it coziness, create a feeling of warmth. It can be equipped in a wall partition that separates the washbasin area from the bath or shower:

Built-in bio fireplace in the bathroom

Decorating methods

As noted above, there should be very few accessories in modernism, because the goals of this style are different. However, for those who attach importance to decorative elements, some options can be offered..

Bright color accents in the form of a rug or a home flowering plant:

Green rug on the bathroom floor Brown ceiling in the bathroom

An unusual chandelier that stands out against a monotonous background:

Multilayer yellow chandelier-

Original shaped vases, candlesticks, prints or paintings with abstract images:

White and red vases in brown bathroom Oval flat sinks

Textile curtains are not such an important accessory in the bathroom. However, if the area of ​​the room allows and you like a cozy atmosphere, you can pick up long classic curtains. It is important to choose a material that is resistant to moisture:

Portable towel rack

Accessories made from natural materials will be appropriate in bathrooms with a living plant area. These can be tree trunks or hemp:

Stump next to the bathroom

As you can see from the examples, there are a lot of ways to customize the design and equipment of modernist bathrooms. All of them are diverse and everyone has the right to decide for himself what exactly is suitable for his premises..