Small kitchen: the secrets of arrangement from “ A ” to “ I ”

Residents of Khrushchev and small apartments are simply forced to put up with an uncomfortable and cramped kitchen. Of course, some housewives simply do not notice discomfort, but when a miniature room is a constant source of discontent and irritation, something needs to be changed urgently. Indeed, for every housewife, the kitchen is the place where culinary excellence is embodied, and if she «creates» with a depressed mood, of course, this affects the taste and quality of her preparations. Therefore, today we will focus on all sorts of options for the optimal planning and design of a small kitchen. Let’s see what can be done by eliminating the option of combining the kitchen area with any room.

Organization of a small kitchen

Features of kitchen facilities

Before planning a design for a small kitchen yourself, you need to consider a couple of important points:

  • increased temperature and humidity during food preparation. The finishing materials used for the kitchen must be well resistant to these factors..
  • high load on the floor. In the kitchen, we often drop cups, plates, knives or forks, so it is very important to ensure that the kitchen floor is strong enough..

Strength of materials

How you furnish, so you live: placing furniture in a small kitchen

The binding of functional elements (stove, sink and refrigerator) to the laid communications presupposes compliance with certain placement rules:

1. The gas stove is usually installed near the gas pipe.

2. Do not put the refrigerator next to the stove, as it does not tolerate heat..

3. The cutlery drawer should be close to the sink, so as not to carry them far after washing. Also, the cupboard for drying plates can be conveniently placed above the sink..

4. For a small room, built-in kitchen furniture made to order will be optimal. It has an abundance of various designs with pull-out and folding elements..

Functional kitchen furniture

5. Kitchen furniture should be installed along one of the walls, having previously determined the location of the working area and refrigerator, after which you can start placing a soft corner or dining table with chairs.

6. In a miniature kitchen, try to use any space convenient for mounting furniture. For this purpose, wall-mounted corner cabinets and open shelves are perfect, over which it will be good to organize spot lighting..

Convenient placement of kitchen furniture 7. An excellent method of saving space is to combine the stove, sink and work surface with one worktop. With the advent of high-quality new building materials and improved technologies, portable communications have become commonplace. Today you will not surprise anyone with a workplace on the windowsill, smoothly turning into a worktop, next to which there is a sink and a hob.. One whole

Secrets of visual space enlargement

Patterns and color preferences

In the design of a small kitchen, use neutral calm colors – they visually expand the boundaries of the room, reflecting light well. In this case, experts recommend limiting yourself to two shades. Complex patterns, patterns on textiles or wallpaper will also look ridiculous. But if you really want to, choose the most pale embossed ornament to match the general background of the kitchen. For walls, cream tones, shades of cocoa, universal white are best suited, for furniture – pastel, light brown and yellow paints.

Kitchen in beige shades

Another trendy solution for today is highlighting one of the walls of a small kitchen with a bright accent. A contrasting technique will refresh the space, bring its own flavor to the design, and the room will not visually narrow down.

Bright accent - original contrast in design Bright accent - original contrast in design

Reflective gloss: finishing in a small kitchen

For a small kitchen, smooth lacquered facades that perfectly reflect light are best suited. Glossy surfaces The perfect solution is a glossy tile or laminate with a plank imitation, which should be mounted longitudinally. Choose white, cream or pastel colors.

Gloss in pastel colors is a win-win option for a small kitchen

It can be combined with a suitable contrasting shade by staggering the pattern.

Checkerboard contrast floor Checkerboard contrast floor

Sometimes designers, for the sake of visually increasing the space, lay out all the walls in the kitchen with tiles to the ceiling. And keep in mind that the fewer corners, convolutions and depressions that light gives off, the better..

More light for a small kitchen!

Visually expanding the room will help bright spotlights located along the perimeter of the ceiling, as well as above hanging cabinets and shelves. Bright spotlights An excellent choice – multi-lamp models that distribute light evenly over the dining and work table.

Uniform illumination

Alternatively, a bright accent in lighting can be done on a chandelier. Here it is important to choose a model that is original in design, ideally in harmony with the overall style..

Noble design

Exquisite crystal chandelier design Designer chandelier

You do not need to place many indoor plants on the windowsill, limit yourself to one pot with an elegant flower.

We visually combine the kitchen with an adjoining room

If you do not plan to break the walls between the kitchen and the room to make a kitchen-dining room, you can use the techniques of visual connection of the kitchen area with the adjacent room. This method is especially relevant for those apartments in which the entrance door to the kitchen is not provided. Pape the walls of adjacent rooms with identical wallpaper or paint with the same color. Such a trick will create the effect of a kind of extension of space, and not two mini-rooms..

Adjacent space Adjacent space

Delicate textiles

Try to leave as much natural light as possible. Avoid bulky curtains, choose light air curtains, roman or roller blinds. Light air curtains Roller blinds with an elegant pattern   Roller blinds in style Use drawings and patterns very carefully – just a couple of accents will be enough, for example, a pretty ornament on furniture upholstery and decorative pillows. Hang the curtain rod just above the window. Thus, it will seem to stretch upward, and the ceiling will seem higher..

When decorating a window with curtains, try not to cover it so that sunlight can freely penetrate into a small space. Let it be a clever decorative element that casually frames the opening.. Delicate window decoration A non-standard approach to window decoration with curtains

It is better to replace printed textiles with fabric with a textured pattern. If you don’t want to use fabrics, try Roman curtains or light, lightweight blinds that let the sun’s rays in freely, making them more diffused and softer. In addition, as if merging with the wall, they distract the eye from the boundaries of a miniature room.. Roller blinds Roller blinds Roller blinds Roller blinds

Shape, color and design of kitchen furniture

Dim, light furniture is what you need for a small kitchen. It doesn’t look bulky, especially when it almost blends in with the background color of the walls. Transparent glass objects also look stylish. A dining table, plastic transparent chairs, hinged, almost invisible shelves, a glass bar counter look weightless in the kitchen interior. Ideal furniture for a small kitchen Ideal furniture for a small kitchen Ideal furniture for a small kitchen Ideal furniture for a small kitchen

It is very important that the furniture is roomy, but the main thing here is not to overdo it with furnishings – there should be as few of them as possible! The abundance of cabinets, nightstands, shelves creates a clutter effect, and the kitchen seems even smaller. A great idea to visually expand the space is to put the tallest object in the far corner (for example, a refrigerator). Such an arrangement attracts the eye to the upper part of the room and visually raises the ceiling..

The focal point of attention in the kitchen is the dining table. For a small-sized kitchen, the best option would be oval or round shapes, which by themselves do not provide clear straight lines, which makes the room wider and more spacious.. Stylish set of kitchen furnitureMany people prefer folding or sliding tables. This is very practical, because when 2-3 people are having lunch in the kitchen, a compact table is enough. You can unfold it for receiving guests or, if necessary, a large work surface. These foldable designs save valuable floor space in any kitchen. Extendable table Folding structures Folding structures

Also, mobile mini-tables are very convenient and practical in the household as an additional working area..

Mobile mini-table

Original storage ideas

The ideal kitchen is planned in such a way that after cooking and eating, all the dishes can fit freely into the cupboards. And here hostesses often face the problem of lack of space. But what are our drawers and shelves stuffed with??

Often, housekeepers store a lot of different dishes in the kitchen, while in everyday life they use only two pots and a couple of pans. If you are one of them – urgently go through all the boxes and get rid of unnecessary trash! Put in the box and hide those things that are only useful for the holidays. Believe me, each of us can comfortably manage with a small set of kitchen utensils..

Today, designers offer a lot of ideas for miniature kitchens: pull-out carousels and nets, built-in tables, sliding and lifting structures for shelves and doors. They greatly facilitate our time in the kitchen, but they are quite expensive.. Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas Storage Ideas An excellent solution is to make room for an additional row of drawers almost above the floor. Here you can place a lot of useful things (for example, cereals, sugar, salt), and build another countertop in one of the upper ones.

Organize a multifunctional convenient island in the center of the kitchen, which will serve as a work surface, dining table, and storage space for bulky dishes.

Functional island in the center of the kitchen Convenience and functionality of the central cabinet The perfect ordering of items in a small kitchen will create an original arrangement of wall cabinets and niches parallel to each other on both sides of the space, while the stove and sink are at the end of the kitchen.


Modern designers of kitchen utensils, taking into account the needs of small-sized premises, create many varieties of original and convenient equipment. Appliances in the kitchen Moreover, it is often wall-mounted. Such devices, as a rule, differ in size from standard. Built-in appliances Built-in appliances A hob for 2 or 3 burners, a mini fridge or a small dishwasher processor – all this is affordable and practical for tiny areas. Also very convenient in the household are compact ovens and microwaves, which are mounted in a place convenient for the hostess.. Built-in appliances: maximum convenience Convenient location of built-in appliances

A couple of bright accents: decor items for a small kitchen

Decorating a small kitchen with decorative elements is a real art! In this matter, it is important to emphasize the elegance and at the same time unobtrusiveness of the accessories.. Pictures in the design of the kitchen Paintings - vertical placement Several neat paintings or photographs hung vertically are what you need for a tiny room. Creative arrangement of paintings and clocks Pictures in the interior of the mini kitchen Refined simplicity of design As you know, mirrors visually enlarge the room, expanding and deepening the space. And for a miniature kitchen, they will be more relevant than ever. One has only to think about how to skillfully beat them in the interior. Quite a creative idea for a mirror “brick” masonry is shown in the photo. Mirror & quot; brick & quot; masonry Mirror & quot; brick & quot; masonry

Mirror mosaic embodies the trendy design of a compact kitchen.

Mirror mosaic Or maybe hang an original mirror in a decorative frame that is in harmony with the general set, or make a mirrored door near the cabinet? This is already a matter of taste and creative thinking of the hostess herself.. The charm of mirrored surfaces The charm of mirrored surfaces The charm of mirrored surfaces Visually «to lift» the ceiling can be made using a crystal chandelier. Flashes of light in the mirror reflection will embellish the interior, help to play it in a completely new way. But keep in mind, the ceiling in such a transformation must be perfect. Shiny and transparent decorative products, an elegant vase with fruit, a delicate plant in a pot, unusual designer watches – all this will create a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort in a small kitchen, emphasize the excellent taste of her mistress. Original clock for the kitchen: the art of design Original clock for the kitchen: the art of design Cute accessories: watches and paintings

Ideal miniature kitchen style

Having started the last, but no less important issue of designing a small-sized kitchen, it is important to understand: the simpler the style, the more harmonious it will look in a compact area. And above all, these are high-tech, minimalism, modern, traditional styles. In high-tech design, one color prevails over the other, contrasts are clearly distinguished. Glass, metal, precise proportions, straight lines – this is how you can briefly describe hi-tech. Hi-tech style: perfect contrast Hi-tech style: perfect contrast

Perhaps the most popular for a small kitchen is the Art Nouveau style. Due to its functionality, convenience, wide color variation of design, many will like it. Built-in appliances, comfortable spot light, no unnecessary items – all this is combined in a modern kitchen.

Art of style

Modern style for a small kitchen

Art Nouveau style in the kitchen

If we talk about minimalism, then the term itself speaks for itself: the absence of decorative elements, a minimum of color, clear boundaries and good lighting gives a feeling of boundless space, unique lightness and weightlessness. Minimalism in the design of a small kitchen   Minimalism style in coffee color Traditionists will love the classic design. However, not all variations of the classics are suitable for decorating a small kitchen. In this case, give preference to light colors without unnecessary patterns and intrusive finishing.. Noble classics in the interior of a small kitchen Elegant classic Of course, the noble sophistication of the interior will be emphasized by natural wooden furniture. It is desirable that it be monochromatic, without pretentious shapes and lines..

Light wood furniture

Natural wood furnitureDo not be afraid of original solutions, boldly implement interesting ideas, but do not forget about what was said above. Or maybe the next collection of photos will inspire you to create that one and only image in the decoration of a small kitchen.?

Bright accents Snow white design Modern functionality White gloss in contrast Color contrasts Delicate decoration Retractable structures Kitchen in white design Maximum light Noble combination