Stylish dark kitchen

Black is considered to be the most versatile color and has a number of advantages over clothing, footwear and accessories. But few people dare to make the interior of their home black, especially since it seems inconceivable in relation to the kitchen. But what scares us so? That dark tones will bring gloominess to the room, visually reduce the room or have a negative and overwhelming effect on the psyche, and even appetite?

Perhaps, if you do not approach the issue competently and carefully, then it may turn out like this. But to date, designers have developed a huge number of projects, experimenting and combining, which allows you to safely use dark colors even in the interior of the kitchen..

Cozy dark kitchen Dark kitchen design

After all, if you look at it, black personifies the earth, that is, stability, poise and modesty. All these qualities are the best suited for the kitchen, since it is here that moderation in emotions that affect appetite and digestion is important. If you decorate the room in bright colors, then at first, of course, this will create a joyful mood. But then, as scientists have found, juicy colors quickly become boring, crush, and sometimes even cause headaches. Of course, it all depends on the character of the person, many can live their whole lives in bright interiors and feel great. But most still choose something calmer, neutral and dark..

Dark kitchen interior

We live in a crazy time, when we all the time have to run somewhere, decide something, meet with someone, and so on. The overly rapid pace of our life has a detrimental effect on our health, which is why it is so important to feel the calmness and serenity at home. Be in silence, alone with your thoughts and just relax. And it’s proven that all of this can give us black and other dark colors..

The lightness of a dark kitchen

How to create a dark kitchen the right way?

With regard to the kitchen, like other rooms, there are several important points to consider when creating a dark interior. The first is the size of the room. In a spacious room, you can safely use black, the main thing is that there is enough lighting.

Lighting in a dark kitchen Light in the interior of a dark kitchen Proper lighting in a dark kitchen

And in a small kitchen, it is important not only to carefully use dark colors, but also to complement the interior with other shades and also abundant light. Better if it is both natural and artificial lighting. But as for other colors, then very many tones can be suitable as a contrast. Black is very loyal «neighbor», it looks good in almost any contrast. So, as it became clear, another rule for creating dark interiors is lighting and color contrasts..

Combination of black and yellow The magic of black and white tandem Lilac and black in the kitchen Black interior and wood color Dark orange and black Dark kitchen with a touch of dark green and pale blue

Of course, the most common combination is black and white. It is like two extremes of the same entity that create a kind of neutrality. These two opposites together create a unique contrast, they perfectly set off each other. The most interesting thing is that many people like such a union of flowers, but they do not realize why. And the thread is drawn from nature. It is there that you can find a combination of black and white, so to speak, in its natural form. Zebras, a small number of white tigers, some birds, cats and dogs have this color. Why is this good?

In addition to its great appearance, it also has practical benefits. Scientists have shown that this color helps zebras to protect themselves from flies, it simply confuses them and they harm the animal less. Truly, nature is mysterious and amazing. But we, of course, do not need to use black and white tandem as protection of the premises from insects. First of all, we want to create a beautiful and comfortable interior..

Classic - white top, dark bottom Dark kitchen with white nobility Tandem of black and white in the kitchen Black and white union of colors

Dark furniture

What is so good about dark furniture in the kitchen? First, it is elegant, graceful and solid. It is not for nothing that the black leather armchair is admirable and delightful for everyone. Secondly, black furniture can also serve as a contrast. That is, with the right presentation, furniture in dark colors can look majestic and voluminous. This setting is good in a very spacious kitchen..

Black furniture in the kitchen Kitchen with dark furniture Majestic dark furniture

By the way, many housewives do not accept dark colors in relation to furniture, because dust and various stains are very clearly visible on them. Well, it is. But this can also be solved, because after all, the 21st century is in the yard. Nowadays, various protective compounds have been created that help preserve our life. And one of them is a substance that treats dark colored furniture in order to protect it from dust, fingerprints and other types of contamination..

Kitchen interior with dark furniture

So, by creating your kitchen in dark colors, you get minimalist sophistication, grace, gloss and homeliness at the same time. All this will become an integral part of your life, and the time spent at breakfast, lunch or dinner will be pleasant, light and calm. What more could you ask for!

Lightness and charm of dark kitchens Cozy dark kitchen The minimalism of a dark kitchen Elegant kitchen interior in dark colors The severity and sophistication of a dark kitchen Home comfort in a dark kitchen The unique interior of a dark kitchen The laconicism of a dark kitchen