The better to decorate the ceiling in the children’s room

What should be the design of the ceiling in a children’s room – probably any parent thinks about this question. But the most common option is suspended structures due to the many advantages available..

Beautiful classic ceiling decoration in the children's roomThe original design of the ceiling under the zebraExclusive version with fabric on the ceilingSpectacular design of the sky on the ceiling of the children's roomAlternating stripes on the ceiling of the children's roomThe original design of the ceiling with fabric

Stretch ceilings are a great solution

The choice in favor of stretch ceilings is an excellent solution, because for a children’s room, they will become very functional structures. To begin with, they are completely safe from an environmental point of view, which is a huge plus in this case. In addition, they allow you to make any design, taking into account the age of the child, as well as his preferences. In principle, a plasterboard ceiling also provides ample design opportunities, which cannot be said about traditional methods of decoration..

Stretch ceiling in the interior of a children's room 19_min

Now about how the ceiling design in the nursery should actually be

If you cannot cope with this task on your own, you can always turn to experienced professional designers who can easily select an exclusive option just for you. It all depends on the characteristics of tastes, personal wishes of the child himself and on the financial capabilities of the parents..

Wooden ceiling designWhite false ceiling in the nurseryDecoration of the ceiling under a treeUnusual design with white ceiling and walls

Single-level ceilings

For example, for those looking for a cheaper option, a one-level suspended ceiling structure that looks simple but tasteful at the same time is suitable. You can also choose the appropriate type of coating, for example, if you make a glossy surface, this will give the atmosphere a sense of celebration, and the matte finish will create extraordinary comfort for the baby, while the room will visually look soft, as a children’s room should look like, especially if it is intended for preschool children. By the way, there are a lot of options for designing a matte stream. Among other things, this method significantly saves time, because is convenient and simple. The material allows you to make a ceiling with a specific theme, including 3D animation, it is also possible to use a photo on the ceiling.

Striped single-level ceiling designSingle-level ceiling design optionDesign of a single-level ceiling in an intense colorCeiling and walls made with alternating low-contrast stripes 30_min The single-level ceiling is in harmony with the design of the roomThe original look of finishing a single-level ceilingDesign of a light single-level ceiling in a children's room

Thus, opting for a budgetary method of finishing the ceiling, namely, a single-level structure, all that needs to be done is to choose a color, think over the texture of the ceiling, and also decide on the order of placement of lighting fixtures. To create soft lighting, it is better to give preference to soffits with frosted glass, because too bright lighting in the form of lamps and chandeliers will dazzle your baby.

Multilevel ceilings

For those who need a truly non-standard design solution for the ceiling in a children’s room, it is worth turning to multi-level suspended structures that will help to realize even the most daring creative fantasies and ideas. Today, there is a huge selection of all kinds of solutions for finishing the ceiling. However, do not rush, because you need to focus primarily on functionality, as well as its harmony with the design of the room as a whole. And yet another moment – the desires of the parents do not always coincide with the desires of the child. This should also be taken into account, especially if the child has already learned to speak, it is simply necessary to listen to his opinion. After all, he is there most of the time, so it is simply impossible not to reckon with him..

Multilevel designs are capable of making almost any childhood dream come true. In this regard, the options are endless: flowers, various shapes or abstract designs, a rainbow, a starry sky, etc. The greatest effect can be achieved if you install a special lighting on the ceiling, which can incredibly transform the interior. By the way, about the starry sky. A very interesting, but also not a cheap way, would be the use of suspended structures with halogen lamps, imitating stars. In addition to the unusually spectacular appearance, such a design of the ceiling will contribute to the peace of mind and peace of mind of the child, thereby relieving him of many night fears.

Simpler starry sky design without backlight Stunning night sky design with stars on the ceiling

And of course, do not forget about the zoning of the room using a multi-level ceiling. Sleeping and play areas must be present. At the same time, for the sleeping area, it is better to make the ceiling low, and for the playing area, on the contrary, increase its height in order to visually expand the space.

Plasterboard ceilings

Another inexpensive, but at the same time practical way to decorate the ceiling in a children’s room. By itself, drywall as a material is durable, environmentally friendly, i.e. a worthy alternative to suspended structures. Its big plus is the ability to do it yourself, in contrast to the tensioning technology, which requires a more complex installation. Also, drywall has excellent sound insulation. And in order for the ceiling to be washed, it should be pasted over with a thin fiberglass, and then covered with waterproof acrylic paint.

Drywall with acrylic paint on the ceilingAs for the choice of color, the following shades are best suited: light green, blue, pink, and of course white. Bright colors, according to experts, negatively affect the unformed psyche of the child..

The classic version of a white single-level ceilingOption for a pink ceiling in the children's roomNoble light ceiling in the white interior of the children's roomPale pink ceiling decoration in the children's room

By the way, plasterboard ceilings can also be combined with tension structures, i.e. first, align a conventional ceiling with plasterboard, which will later become an excellent canvas for an exclusive design.

Another important touch

Very spectacular ceiling decoration with multi-colored pendant lightsCute figurines and plants suspended from the ceiling in the nurseryOriginal abstract details attached to the white ceiling in the children's room

To decorate the ceiling in a children’s room, it is a good idea to attach sufficiently large toys or simply volumetric images of figures to it. The child is always attracted by such details, this contributes to his development, among other things, they can easily be changed from time to time.