Tile kitchen apron – an attribute of strategic importance

You can argue for as long as you like about which material is best suited for decorating a kitchen apron. However, no one doubts the need for this attribute, which is also a very effective design element..

Light tiles in the kitchen

As for ceramic tiles, they have been holding the leading position among many other decorative materials for a long time. And we can assume that nothing will change in the near future. This means that when decorating modern kitchen aprons, any creative ideas, including even the most incredible ones, are still acceptable..

Kitchen with original tiles

Five “fatty” advantages of using tiles in the cooking area

Tiled kitchen apron

The only drawback of this design option for the kitchen working area is the difficulty of laying tiles. Self-production of such an apron will require certain skills from homeowners, and, in addition, it will take a lot of time..

Working area in the kitchen

What are they – modern tile kitchen aprons?

When choosing ceramic tiles, there are currently a lot of options. Some people prefer standard tiles with a smooth surface. Other homeowners prefer matte tiles..

Tile for the kitchen area

In addition, you can find other interesting varieties of this finishing material on sale:

Tile in the form of honeycomb Gray tile

The size of the kitchen backsplash depends on the features of the kitchen design and on the type of tile chosen. The standard size of the protective strip is 60-80 cm.Additional 10-15 cm will help to avoid ugly gaps between the work surface of the table and the finishing area.

Tiles in the interior of the kitchen

Seven design options for the work area

1. A kitchen apron is laid out in the form of a square or rectangle and takes up a relatively small space. Many homeowners find this installation method too simple and boring. This is not entirely true, since even a plain material can ideally «fit in» into any kitchen interior, making it more expressive and effective.

Green tiles in the kitchen

In this case, the tile will look great in several cases:

  •  if the tiles are matched to the tone of the walls, furniture and kitchen accessories;
  • if the ceramics contrasts with the main surfaces of the kitchen.

Tile with a picture in the kitchen

2. Tiled finish occupies the entire free part of the wall above the working area (stove, sink and table surface). This option is certainly the most practical, as it allows you to keep the entire most frequently used area of ​​the kitchen clean. To put the walls in order, wipe them daily with a damp cloth, and once a week, carry out a more thorough cleaning using special detergents. At the same time, the kitchen apron will always look perfect..

3. Wall decoration resembles standard brickwork. For this, tiles of the most incredible colors can be used – from standard brownish shades to bright and challenging colors. At the same time, the sizes of ceramic tiles can be very different..

Modern kitchen in light colors Fashionable kitchen Aesthetic tiles in the kitchen Bright colors in the kitchen

A very effective technique is considered to be the use of a similar material for finishing the work surface of the table, adjacent to the area of ​​the kitchen apron. This design option makes the interior complete and very stylish..

Kitchen area with protective apron

4. When decorating the walls, large tiles of several types are used.. This combined option makes it possible to use several colors in the interior at once. This technique, firstly, will allow to revive a rather boring kitchen space. Secondly, this method will enhance the effect of color spots already available in the kitchen, highlight all the most advantageous moments of space design..

Contrasting tile

5. Ceramic tiles are laid in the form of mosaics of various sizes and shapes. From such material, you can lay out all kinds of decorative panels depicting delicious fruits and old kitchen utensils..

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen

With this method of wall decoration, tiles of various types and shapes are often used. This option is quite laborious, however, it does not require perfect leveling of the wall surface and allows you to use all the purchased material without a trace..

Modern kitchen apron

6. The laid tiles imitate a honeycomb. This method of decoration allows you to make the interior more original and exotic. For this design option for a kitchen apron, most often, tiles of the same color are chosen..

Honeycomb tile Elegant tile

7. Laying of tiles is carried out diagonally or in the form of vertical stripes. Such a design system for a kitchen apron will allow you to visually adjust the space: align the proportions or increase the area.

Light kitchen interior Comfortable kitchen

Whatever style your kitchen is decorated in, the resulting design effect can always be enhanced with the right ceramic tiles. A kitchen apron is not only a kind of protective strip, but also an excellent way to decorate a space..

Exquisite kitchen interior Tiled apron for the kitchen Ornamental tiles

Do not miss this unique opportunity to make your life brighter and more comfortable. Try, create, and you will see how your life will be transformed!