Using white to decorate a children’s room

In addition to choosing furniture, accessories and lighting for a child’s room, the main color is very important. It is definitely not worth making a dark shade as the main background color, since such a room presupposes a large amount of light and a cheerful atmosphere. White can brighten even the tightest and darkest room. In order for this color to show itself only from the best side, it is necessary to find out some of its features..

The combination of white walls with bright furnishings

The specificity of white and its effect on humans

White is a symbol of many concepts:

  • purity;
  • peace;
  • emptiness;
  • loneliness;
  • light;
  • concentration.

White nursery with bright accents

In color therapy, white is often used to treat pathological psychological conditions. What impact white will have in an interior depends on its proper use. Particular attention should be paid to this aspect when choosing the design of a children’s room..

Contrasting accessories on a white background in the nursery White walls and colored ceiling in the nursery

White walls can energize and cleanse the inner state of negative elements. At the same time, it should be remembered that an overabundance of this color can lead to a feeling of one’s own inferiority, which is especially easily imposed on children. At the same time, moderate use gives the opposite result – you can feel more confident. In addition, with its help, you can restore strength and make the brain work harder..

White nursery for girls Contrasting elements on a white background in the nursery The combination of black and white in the nursery

Combinations with white

White is not a simple color. There are a lot of its shades that designers are successfully using for interior decoration. The difference between shades is extremely small. But using their combinations, you can achieve an amazing effect. Shades of white include:

  • creamy;
  • natural cotton;
  • snow;
  • White Rose;
  • ivory and others.

The classic combination of white and blue in the nursery Bright spots in a white nursery

If there are photographs or paintings in the children’s room, then white frames can be chosen for them. They will highlight the beauty of a work of art without attracting attention to themselves..

White ability «push the walls apart» will allow you to use white curtains to increase the space. The white color of the window frames serves this very purpose. In addition, a similar curtain can be used for zoning a children’s room. They can effectively separate the sleeping place from the playing part of the room..

Bright contrast in the nursery Contrast combinations for the nursery

Shades of this color will help to decorate a nursery in a Scandinavian style. This is a very popular trend in modern design, which allows you to make your baby’s personal space no less fashionable than the rest of the apartment’s rooms. An effective solution would be to create harmony with the help of several furnishings, made in white. For example, it can be walls and pieces of furniture. White windows, doors and skirting boards will look unusual against the background of colored walls and floors..

Combinations of white walls with wooden surfaces White color in the nursery combined with wooden coverings

If you want to make the interior in a contrasting black and white color scheme, then the abundance of wooden elements will help to make it softer. In addition, in the white room, colored spots can be used to mark the dressing room, the area for toys or the baby’s desk. This is a great way for a child to navigate in space and organize their activities..

White nursery in the attic Attic for a white nursery Gentle nursery for girls Dark elements in a white nursery Wooden elements in a white nursery

On the white walls of the children’s bedroom, drawings made with watercolors look great. For kids, these can be the heroes of their favorite cartoons. For older children, ethnic ornaments made in bright colors are suitable. Unlike other rooms, such variegation will look actual on the walls of a nursery..

A spectacular combination of colors on a white background in the nursery Bright spots in the interior of a white nursery The original interior design of the nursery

When decorating a room with white, it is important to avoid excessive simplicity. Homogeneous white makes the interior uninteresting, but playing on white in other colors will make an excellent impression, fully consistent with the mood of the child. It is enough for a combination to choose noble shades of deep burgundy or gray and white to turn into a royal, creating a chic look for a children’s room.

Shades of lilac against the white walls of the nursery

The main advantage of white in the interior is its versatility as a background shade. Avoid excessive contrast with «screaming» flowers. In a room filled with a lot of bright colors on a white background, the child will not be able to be at rest, even if he so wishes. If the room is not only a playroom, then the use of pronounced contrast should be limited..

Snow-white nursery White nursery in a classic style Exquisite nursery for girls The combination of pastel colors in a white nursery

The practicality of using white in the children’s room

The practicality of white for a children’s room should be discussed separately. He is one of the most easily soiled. But do not limit yourself to using the shade that you want. The modern industry of cladding and other materials makes it possible to achieve dirt-repellent surfaces. In addition, many materials are easy to clean with chemicals. For the nursery, you can choose wallpaper from which, if necessary, you can remove any stain.

A spectacular combination of a dark floor with a white interior in the nursery Complementing the white interior with pastel colors

Another way of introducing white into the interior is to use it in places where the surface is not so easy to stain. For example, it may be taller than the baby..

Bright details of the design of a white nursery

White has a lot of advantages, so you shouldn’t limit yourself in its use. The children’s room can be much lighter and more spacious, which is very important for the psychological state and mood of the baby. The main thing is to correctly combine this color with others and a positive result will not take long..