Zen living room decor – its elements and colors

Would you like to create a cool and calming living room, and create a soothing island? We show you how to go about cuddling all of your senses with a Zen living room decor. This style is often minimalist, with colors reminiscent of nature. The basic idea is to favor psychic well-being in your cozy cocoon. The clean lines of the furniture and natural materials are the pillars of this type of decoration. Linen is very popular in the Zen living room. The light is sometimes subdued, sometimes reflected by a round mirror, in accordance with the prescriptions of feng shui.

What are the elements of Zen decor for your living room? 

  • Furniture with rounded corners, for a feeling of harmony. The armchairs have a rounded, cocoon-like design. Zen style prefers them white or ivory.
  • Poufs in round and square shapes. You can install them in various colors, to energize the atmosphere somewhat.
  • Large floor cushions are an essential item.
  • Yes to low stools and low furniture in general.
  • Tables in round shape. You can install two or three, to mark certain areas in your living room. The smaller ones are usually used to accommodate small decorative Zen-style pots and Buddha statuettes.
  • The hanging egg chair is now very present in Zen interiors. It reinforces the feeling of well-being and absolute comfort.
  • Invite nature into your home, choosing green plants, the more the better. They have a calming effect and the green relaxes our eyes. The most suitable colors for your pots will be terracotta, white or black, gray or ivory.
  • Rattan furniture is preferred for a living room furnished in a Zen spirit. Even a single rattan piece of furniture will add charm to your interior and you will feel on vacation all year round..
  • The carpet with long synthetic pile or the ethnic carpet is present in your Zen living room. This choice is important, because the carpet is a basic decorative element that creates a concrete atmosphere. Knotted and woven rugs will be a good choice. An Indian-style wall rug, for example, will make the mood in your living room special. Decor in mind weaving is also widely used in zen lounges.
  • Candlesticks in the oriental style adorn tables and furniture. There are subtle and sensual aroma diffusers next to it. They predispose to reverie and meditation.

Zen living room decor with rustic style elements

zen buddha, zen living room decor, feng shui decoration in black and white, dark brown beams on the ceiling, angular green velvet sofa

A door dressed in green plants and mint-colored walls

living room layout, door with wall sticker with jungle flora motifs, palm leaves, pistachio green walls, gray parquet, white sofa

The color green symbolizes nature and has a calming effect on us

piece in green and ivory, feng shui living room, pistachio green fabric armchairs, solid wood table, light wood parquet, green lampshade lighting, with transparent yellow glass base

The colors of the zen decor

In principle, this type of decoration favors rather neutral colors. Gray is very popular in all its shades. White is a basic color. The decorations based on the principle of the duality of Yin and Yang, black and white, are popular. There are, however, touches of red or orange on the wall panels representing Buddha or on the many cushions on the sofa. Or on the cover of the armchairs or the sofa. The Zen living room also admits yellow, mainly in its pastel shades. Or bright yellow as an accent. Bright colors have the power to excite the senses and the mind and that is why they are not widely used in a Zen living room. The water green color is very suitable for the Zen atmosphere. Just like chocolate and ocher. Taupe is a color that responds very well to the neutrality requirements of Zen rooms. The blue will remind you of the distant sky and oceans and the reseda green has a strong calming effect. Linen color is essential for Zen decor. It is neutral, while at the same time being present. Its delicacy and softness will make your living room refined. Pair it with ivory for chic effects. Its two colors have a mystical presence in the satin and gold finishes.

You can also create associations of colors, for a more complex effect. For example: gray and white, gray and pastel blue, gray and black, gray and reseda. Or, you can match delicate blue and green shades. And the sea green with the white is a harmonious combination to perfection.

Graphic patterns on the floor and black and white stripes on the curtains for an arty Zen atmosphere

feng shui decoration, tiled floor with graphic black and white patterns, rectangular wooden coffee table with square and round stones

A panel with Buddha in blue, a color that gives a wonderful result, matching the gray of the furniture 

zen living room decor, zen atmosphere, feng shui living room, panel with Buddha blessing the wall, angular sofa in gray, round table in white with light wood legs, wall in light gray

Pastel tones make the atmosphere soothing

living room with zen decor, carpet in pastel shades and armchair with matching patterns, royal blue cushion with white snowflake pattern, table with light wood legs

Various shades of green to feel surrounded by nature

feng shui living room, zen color, yellow and orange, with green, sofa in pistachio green, with fabric cushions with embroidery, parquet in brown

A yellow wall and a gray wall for a sparkling Zen decor

zen buddha, zen deco, zen living room decor, yellow wall, light wood light fixture, gray sofa, soft brown carpet

Ethnic decor, to get away from it all

minimalist living room layout, gray metal light fixture, white parquet, soft square cushions, woven rug

A bewitching atmosphere 

feng shui living room, large table in dark brown, parquet in dark shades, storage unit in black in a niche in the wall with doors with round handles

An ivory-colored wall and a door with an Aztec head poster

zen color, zen living room decor, door decorated with ethnic style wall sticker with Aztec face, rectangular table with white surface and black legs with light wood ends, table lamp with black shade and silver base

Clean lines for the furniture – a Zen living room decor that invites you to let go 

zen atmosphere, feng shui decoration, wall panel with Buddha head, coffee table in ivory color, hanging wall storage furniture in gray

The other interiors that we have selected for you: 

feng shui decoration, zen atmosphere, zen buddha, ivory colored carpet, white wall with graphic patterns, large green plant in a white pot, white rectangular table

Gray walls and gray and white furniture

feng shui decoration, feng shui living room, large cactus in a white pot, parquet in gray, walls in gray shade smoke, white plastic chairs with light wooden legs

Multicolored Moroccan poufs for a corner where you will sip your Zen soul coffee

colors that are cheerful, Moroccan poufs in turquoise blue, fuchsia, tobacco color, brown and black, round table in silver-colored metal, white tiles and tiles in Moroccan style

Walls decorated with panels in ethnic style, in Yin and Yang colors 

uncluttered decor, walls in white, carpet with black diamonds on a cream-colored background, two panels in white and black metal with oriental and zen arabesque patterns, sofa in gray

A refined decor

feng shui living room with white furniture, parquet in classic style, square table in white, walls in white, light fixture with lampshade in white

A panel in colors that illuminate your living room

simple decor, zen buddha, decorative panel with Buddha, white carpet, black rectangular table with black vase that collects white painted tree branches, white sofa

An angular sofa with lots of soft cushions

simple decor, ethnic decor, zen living room decor, black rectangular table, angular white sofa with lots of cushions, light fixture with white lampshade

The beige color is one of the basic colors for zen interiors

serene atmosphere and zen buddha, wall panel in five parts, illustrating the beach with the sunset, a sofa in sand color with gray, sand and dark beige cushions

A sign can create a mystical atmosphere 

Buddha face in bright colors, feng shui living room, gray wall, peaceful minimalist atmosphere, ethnic decor

Install Japanese panels in attractive colors and patterns

decorative panels in blue and white with graphic patterns and stellar constellations, classic parquet, zen and minimalist decor

An invitation to meditation and withdrawal

ethnic decor with three panels representing colorful Buddha faces, angular sofa in brown and ivory, white tiles

In Japanese style

space in brown, reseda green and beige, three white cardboard ball lights in Chinese style, feng shui living room, light wood shelves, white carpet, reseda fabric sofa

Everything you need to let yourself go to rest

zen deco, zen buddha, rug with vertical stripes in navy blue and white, sofa in gray with white cover, woven rattan stool

     In a cosmopolitan zen spirit

Zen deco, living room layout, white walls, white and gray carpet, round white metal table, photographs with landscapes of the cities of the world in black frames, light gray sofa

The blue color symbolizes the sky and the oceans

feng shui living room with sofa in pastel blue with cushions in yellow, beige and white, decorative panel in blue and white with a feather falling in the water, square table in wrought iron, black color, white curtains, floor covered with parquet Grey

Refined details for a Zen living room decor in Berber style

zen deco, zen color, living room layout, oriental style table with a teapot, wooden wall panel with graphic figures

A living room in minimalist style

ethnic decor, zen buddha, zen decor, round wooden table, bowl with white and yellow orchid, two ethnic style armchairs, orange tiling

Objects for a stylish zen decor 

feng shui living room, zen living room decor, decorative elements with statuettes of Buddha and furniture in oriental style, richly decorated, peaceful atmosphere, wall panels in bright colors

feng shui living room, Zen living room decor, solid wood furniture with large black cushions, bronze and wood statuette placed on a small wooden pedestal, anthracite gray carpet

Zen atmosphere, hanging egg chair in black rattan, round carpet in sand color, large frame in black, wall in delicate pastel blue

feng shui decoration, tiles in ivory color, walls in white, windows with brown frames, angular sofa in white, paintings with frames in brown, crystal vase with red roses

feng shui living room, zen living room decor, refined decor, ethnic decor, living room layout in Japanese style, in black and white, ceiling sconces accented with black and white squares, floor covered with light wood parquet

simple decor, zen atmosphere, black sofa with white cushions, zen plant in white square pot, green wall panel in four parts, white tiles, gray wall

zen color, zen living room decor, ivory colored tiles, three lights in Asian style, square table in light wood, sliding doors in Asian style, minimalist interior

ethnic decor, zen living room decor, reseda green walls, black and shiny tiles, hanging lights in gray metal, white and gray sofas

Zen atmosphere with a panel with openwork patterns, type of spiral that opens, cream-colored carpet, cream-colored armchair, yellow parquet

feng shui living room, zen living room decor, gray and brown carpet, white cabinet with shiny surface, lighting with gray lampshade, gray wall and gray blinds, sliding balcony doors in black metal and glass

feng shui decoration, sand-colored parquet, large windows in white frames, white pots with green plants

Zen living room decor in white and gray

decoration for living room in pearl gray and white color, white shelves on the wall, angular sofa in gray, gray and white cushions, lampshade in white, two ottomans in white and light brown

simple deco, zen living room decor, ivory tiles, metal drum floor lamp with semi-transparent shade in pleated brown fabric, angular sofa in cream white, black metal wall fireplace

living room layout, light wood parquet, white brick wall, two PVC and white metal tables, black metal floor lamp, white semi-transparent curtains, white ceiling dotted with small spotlights

Zen living room decor, feng shui decoration, carpet in white and black with graphic patterns, wall in brown, round gray wooden table and wrought iron base with arabesque patterns, square stools in pastel green, table in green, yellow and orange

feng shui living room, round pouf-type stool in ivory color, earth-colored vases, classic style sofa, Asian ceiling

Zen Buddhist living room layout, Asian blinds in ivory color, white ceiling, ivory tiling, plasma installed on a brown shelf, coffee table in the shape of a two-tone square block in brown and ivory

feng shui decoration, sofa in white with yellow square cushions with satin black fabric hems, decorative panel with Buddha head in pastel colors, two square coffee tables in glass and bronze-colored metal, standing light with white lampshade and black metal

feng shui living room, uncluttered decor, two sofas with floral patterns in blue and pink, large rectangular mirror with a frame with ethnic patterns in black and white, sliding panels in glazing style with typical Asian nature landscape, cherry trees during spring and nature which wake up

feng shui living room, zen living room decor, long pile carpet in white, two transparent plexiglass tables, drum lighting with gray shade, panel with light wood frame, white sofa with orange and brown cushions

zen color, zen living room decor with gray sofa and pink cushions with black fishnet effects, two round tables, large and small, white wall

zen color, zen living room decor, feng shui living room, zen decor, simple decor, small rectangular ivory rug, large ivory sofa with multiple cushions in pastel blue and ivory, round table with wooden legs

feng shui decoration, zen living room decor, powder pink walls, white sofas with large white, pink and gray cushions, window frames in oriental style

feng shui living room, parquet in cherry color, coffee table in light wood with rounded ends, two blankets on the floor in zen style for two people

zen color, zen living room decor, ivory colored walls, bamboo in a zen pot to attract good energies, ivory sofa with linen cover, woven cane stool

Zen atmosphere, Zen living room decor, navy blue carpet with spherical circles, rectangular table with white legs, yellow parquet, wall decorations in ethno afro style

zen buddha, zen living room decor, wooden table with books and buddha head, light fixture on the table with white lampshade and ivory base, table decoration with tree branches, black metal wall light

ethnic decor, zen living room decor, feng shui decoration, zen color, pastel shades rugs, light gray furniture, turquoise blue and yellow striped armchair

simple decor, zen living room decor, gray sofa, three paintings with black frames and graphic patterns, round carpet in smoke gray, white dining table with four black metal chairs

feng shui living room, zen living room decor, white walls, gray sofa, gray PVC parquet, green zen plant in the corner, low rectangular white wood table

feng shui living room, cactus and exotic plant in fuchsia, brown wooden table, relaxed and cool atmosphere, ethnic furnishing style

zen deco, zen color, interior buddha elements with pots in red and white, four candles in the shape of red balls placed on a black dish

zen deco, zen living room decor, feng shui living room, elephant on the background of an ocher wall, green palm in a large white pot, four black faux leather armchairs with metal elements

zen decor, zen living room decor, zen atmosphere, red armchair with footrest in the shape of a red ball, white bookcase shelves, gray tiled floor

flashy green curtains, Zen living room decor, yellow parquet, square table in glass and PVC wood, glossy glass vase with white flowers

zen color, zen buddha, zen living room decor, orange wall, brown shelves with lots of decorative objects, Buddha statuette, ceramic and metal candlesticks, white orchid in a beige jar in zen style

living room with smoky shade gray carpet, tall windows with white frames, rough wooden sofa with black cushions and black mattress, small solid wood coffee table with decorative black pots in ethnic style

feng shui living room, zen living room decor, green plant small tree in glass pot in Moroccan style, rough wooden table, white armchairs, white ceiling, mustard-colored carpet

Zen decor with white furniture, straight sofa and rounded ottoman-shaped armchairs, long rectangular white table, floor covered with dark brown parquet

zen buddha, zen living room deco, decorative objects square poufs with various patterns, brown wood surface, black frame table

zen color, zen deco, wall in gray and wall in pastel blue, beige parquet, small rectangular rug in black, sofa in pastel blue, luminous sliding doors in light wood

zen color, zen living room decor, feng shui decoration, angular sofa in ivory color, false ceiling in white and gray, cushions in white, red and black and white

simple deco, zen living room deco, feng shui decoration, gray wall, white tiles, standing light with white black metal lampshade, taupe colored furniture

zen buddha, ethnic decor, zen color, light gray sofa, light parquet, ceiling with white beams, brown walls, square fireplace with transparent glass door

uncluttered decor, gray walls, white fireplace, white sliding doors, large white marble fireplace, pendant light in the shape of a white cardboard ball, brown parquet, two small and large brown stools, large square cushions with horizontal stripes

zen color, zen living room decor, gray walls, light wood door, raw wood parquet, attic space, living room layout with zen decor