Earth tattoo – the world on the shoulders

Beyond their aesthetic advantage, tattoos are generally symbolic, more or less important. Often personal, this binds the wearer and the design in an individual way, except in the case of friendship tattoos or eternal love, in turn connecting several individuals. Universal if it is, the earth tattoo carries an altruistic meaning, intended for humanity as a whole. The symbol can be motivated by an ecological conscience, pushing to pay homage to the Earth-Mother, who nourishes and shelters the Humans since always gracefully. An Earth tattoo can also be synonymous with adventure, showing the planet as a kind of endless travel plan and a destination to be conquered. Refocused in a spatial setting, it also illustrates a certain philosophy and a certain wisdom, imagined by the silence reigning in space. the earth tattoo is therefore available in a palette of symbols as vast as its continents and oceans. To each, his interpretation.

All roads lead to the colorful Earth tattoo on the arm

tattoo earth all roads lead home

Blue Earth tattoo in watercolor embellished with compass figures

earth tattoo on female thigh

Small tattoo of the blue Earth surrounded by whales on the chest

small earth tattoo in colors and whales

Small minimalist globe tattoo on ankle

mini minimalist earth tattoo

Tattoo of the planet Earth and its meridians

Earth tattoo and meridian taouage on the arm

Tattoo of paper airplane flying over Earth on inner arm

paper plane and earth tattoo on arm

World map tattoo on ankle

Tattoo world map tattoo world map ankle

Decomposed Earth Arm Tattoo

earth moon atmosphere tattoo

A hot air balloon Earth tattoo on the shoulder blade

Hot air balloon tattoo earth tattoo shoulder blade woman

Mini world map tattoo on the foot

Foot tattoo world map world map tattoo design continents

Thin line globe tattoo on the arm

earth globe earth globe tattoo

Dotwork Dotted Earth Tattoo

dotwork dotwork earth tattoo

Mini Earth tattoo on the wrist

mini discreet planet earth wrist tattoo

GO tattooed on the forearm

go tattoo with small planet earth forearm

Sun, Earth and moon tattooed on the forearm

tattoo sun earth moon stars forearm tattoo solar cosmos

Double Sided Earth Tattoo

tattoo planet original geometry earth embossed

The Earth tattooed to illustrate the spirit of adventure

tattoo adventure wanderlust outline world planet round

Minimalist Earth tattoo on the forearm

simple minimalist earth tattoo idea on arm

Dotted earth tattoo on the wrist

dotwork dotted tatoo earth tattoo

Tattoo of the decomposed earth’s crust revealing the core

decomposed earth tattoo planet tattoo template

Small realistic tattoo of the planet Earth on the back of the neck

Small model earth neck tattoo in blue planet color

Colorful Earth tattoo on wrist

earth tattoo model on wrist in colors

Large blue planet tattooed on upper back

blue planet earth tattoo on female back

Travel the Earth in a tatoo

earth drawing model for elbow tattoo

Small tattoo of the Earth on the forearm

discreet planet tattoo idea on earth arm

Series of circles representing the 8 planets of the solar system and the sun

Tattoo school system milky way tattoo planets sun

Mini planet Earth tattooed on the wrist

small drawing of the earth on the wrist

Mother Earth and her seas tattooed in color

drawing planet earth in colors on the sides

A small Earth on the coast

small tattoo on the sides model earth drawing

An Earth in clouds of watercolor colors

earth tattoo in colors watercolor compass compass

World map tattooed on upper back

World map tattoo back tattoo world map

planet with meridians tattoo on arm

small discreet earth tattoo on female arm

Earth made up of hundreds of dotted lines

dotted tattoo of the earth planet tattoo arm

Discreet Mini Earth tattooed on the forearm

mini drawing of planet earth tattoo on the arm

Small Earth colored in watercolor

earth travel tattoo in watercolor colors

Mother Earth Tattoo

land tattoo maori polynesian travel