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Airbnb plans to develop a streaming program offering

The popular site specializing in the rental of accommodation between individuals, Airbnb, seems to want to diversify its offer by launching into the production of original media content, thus surfing on the multiplication of streaming offers. After Amazon, Apple or Walmart, Airbnb thus enters the group of giants ready to bet on video streaming. “Develop original programs to encourage the public to travel”. An idea on which the company has been working for three years already and for which the already existing Airbnb paper magazine published by the Hearst company should serve as a support for reflection.

Airbnb wants to get into the world of streaming

Airbnb logo which plans to launch into the production of programs and a streaming platform

The company with 500 million subscribers does not seem to have any particular difficulty in attracting potential associates in order to accompany it in this new media adventure. An environment in which Airbnb has already had the opportunity to gain a foothold, with the production for Apple of a series of documentaries called “Home” and presented as a world tour of unusual houses and their owners. A subject correlated with tourism, a business well mastered by the rental site, which should be followed in the near future by “Gay Chorus Deep South”, another documentary dealing for its part with the tour carried out by the gay choir of San Francisco in the southern United States.

“Develop original programs to encourage the public to travel”. Airbnb

Airbnb wants to invest in the world of streaming in order to offer original content

Intended to stand out more clearly from its direct competitors such as Booking or Expedia, this streaming cultural production project does not seem to have yet reached the stage of realization. “We are really in the research and development phase,” said Airbnb spokesperson Chris Lehane, who seems convinced, however, that “the more content there is, the more people we will attract”.

“The more content there is, the more people we will attract.” Chris Lehane, Airbnb spokesperson

The more content there is, the more people we will attract, said Chris Lehane, spokesperson for Airbnb who plans to enter the world of streaming media.

Nothing therefore seems to be taken for granted as to the artistic direction that the company will take, which also questions the form of the content to be offered, whether or not limited to video..

Airbnb has previously had the opportunity to conduct programs on behalf of Apple

Aribnb has produced original programs such as Home or Gay Chorus Deep South on behalf of Apple