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Amazon buys Eero and settles more in homes

Amazon has just announced the acquisition for an unknown amount of Eero, maker of WiFi routers that facilitate Internet reception over a mesh connection. Amazon is joining Google and its Google Wifi in this market that Apple has already left out. Jeff Bezos’ company is therefore taking a further step in the field of home automation, after the launch of its Echo system, followed by redemptions from the video doorbell manufacturer Ring and that of Blink, developer of home security systems. Eero could thus facilitate the expansion of Alexa “, dependent on a stable wifi network.

Amazon offers Eero and its WiFi routers

photo of the products of the brand Eero wifi routers and Beacons, acquired by Amazon

Founded in 2014 and based in San Francisco, Eero quickly positioned itself as a leader in mesh networking aimed at facilitating and improving the quality of WiFi in spacious or multi-room interiors with possible white areas. The company also got off to a flying start from the launch of its products, followed by a slump and a 20% drop in its workforce, which attracted Amazon’s interest. . This acquisition was justified by Dave Limp, Vice President of the Devices sector & Amazon Services: “We have a similar interest in the development and democratization of the smart home and are extremely impressed with how quickly the Eero team has invented a WiFi solution that allows connected devices to operate with ease. “. A bet for the future if we base ourselves on the statement of one of the founders of Eero, Nick Weaver, straight out of Stanford and a lifelong network specialist, who for his part said: “We must be responsive to our customers, while reflecting on the evolution of the connected products of tomorrow ”.

Amazon steps up home assault with Eero buyout

photo of the routeru wifi and relay Beacons to illustrate the takeover of the company Eero by Amazon

Eero’s offer focuses on its router sold at a price of $ 199, for an announced coverage of 450m2, to which can be added the “Beacons”, intended to relay the network in order to extend it, for a price per piece. of $ 149. The manufacturer also offers an offer consisting of a router and a relay for the price of $ 299, as well as an annual offer of security and advanced parental controls for $ 99..

Jeff Bezos relies on Eero products to further develop his Alexa system

illustration of an ultra-connected home for article on Amazon which buys Eero, manufacturer of wifi routers

This takeover, which should not see the brand disappear as its own entity, is therefore part of a global investment strategy in which Amazon has embarked on in order to put its hand, stone by stone, on the market of the connected home.

After Ring and Blink, Eero falls into the fold of Amazon

Amazon acquires Eero, manufacturer of wifi routers, and further establishes itself in the world of the connected home