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Amazon Launches FBA Donations Program to Reduce Product Destruction

After the revelations made by the issue of M6 Capital which shed light on the fact that Amazon destroys up to 3 million unsold or unwanted products each year in order to free up space in its warehouses, Jeff Bezos’ company has just announced the launch of a new program of donations for all these items formerly intended for trash. According to CNBC media, this campaign called FBA Donations will allow the distribution of products to charities, through the American and British NGOs Good360, Newlife and Barnardo’s. “We know that putting products in the hands of those who need them transforms lives and strengthens local communities,” said Amazon Community Director Alice Shobe..

Amazon Launches FBA Donations Program to Fight Destruction of Unsold Products

Amazon Launches FBA Donations Program to Fight Destruction of Unsold Products

This donation campaign therefore puts an end to a practice that had marked the spirits after its revelation. Indeed, Amazon seemed not to bother with bulky unsold items from its third-party sellers, sending them straight for destruction, prompting the owners of those goods to save money. While he was charged 50 cents for returning the product to its vendor, destruction of the product was only up to 15 cents. A difference which then tipped the scales in favor of the waste reception center and the waste that results.

The FBA Donations program will allow the distribution of unsold items to charities

Pinned by M6's Capital show, Amazon reacts to the destruction of unsold items with the FBA Donations program

Announced for launch next September, this FBA Donations program will currently only be available in the United States and the United Kingdom, two of Amazon’s strongholds of business. Offered by default to all marketplace sellers, they can however choose not to participate. “We are delighted to extend this program to sellers who use our distribution services,” added Alice Shobe..

Destruction is often the cheapest solution

For Amazon, the destruction of unsold items is a more economical solution than storage and return to the seller

The creation of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Donations is part of Amazon’s drive to minimize its impact on the environment. After announcing the launch of its “zero shipment” program intended to find solutions to reduce carbon emissions from its deliveries, the e-commerce giant has also just implemented an exceptional tax intended for third-party sellers of its marketplace that would use oversized packaging for their shipments.

Pinned by the media, Amazon wants to show white paw with FBA Donations

the launch of FBA Donations in the USA and the United Kingdom is part of the approach announced by Amazon to reduce its impact on the environment