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Amazon presented its new Prime Air delivery drone

After announcing in 2013 that it wanted to develop a new Prime Air drone delivery system, Amazon has just unveiled its new prototype, after six years of failure and research. The company now plans to launch its service in the next few months, initially reserved for its US Prime customers, in specific areas and on condition that the machine receives the proper approval from the US civil aviation authorities..

Amazon Prime Air: a new drone presented in Las Vegas

During Re: Mars, Jeff Wilke and Amazon showcased the Prime Air Project's new autonomous delivery drone

Presented at the Re: Mars conference in Las Vegas, this new drone appears to have reached advanced levels of performance and safety, according to Amazon Global Director Jeff Wilke: “We are aware that our customers will not be left behind. only comfortable with drone deliveries if the service has an extreme level of security ”. Able to take off and land smoothly like a helicopter, the machine would be “as robust and stable as a commercial plane” assures the head of the company.

Six years after the launch of the Prime Air project, Amazon is getting closer to its goal with this new drone

Prime Air drone photo presented by Amazon and Jeff Wilke during Re: March 2019 in Las Vegas

The presentation of the new delivery drone was accompanied by a demonstration video

Equipped with cutting-edge technology in artificial intelligence, the drone is surrounded by sensors, both thermal to avoid people and cameras and sonar to bypass any potential danger, ranging from paragliders or high power lines tension at altitude up to the garden furniture during its landings. “This drone is armored in terms of security” adds Jeff Wilke, the propellers of the machine being also covered for safety. The rotors, six in number, operate independently of each other, making it possible to best adapt the dynamism and agility of the aircraft to the situation, such as a take-off or an approach phase.

“This drone is armored in terms of security” Jeff Wilke, Director of Amazon World

Jeff Wilke presented the new model of the autonomous delivery drone of the Amazon Prime Air project

Accompanying its announcement with a video of the machine in action, Amazon then confirmed its intention to carry out the Prime Air project, thanks to the development of “fully autonomous drones capable of ensuring fewer deliveries. thirty minutes within a radius of twenty-five kilometers ”. The service will only concern packages weighing less than three kilos, which however represents three quarters of orders placed with the online sales giant.

Amazon showcased its Prime Air project parcel delivery drone at the Re March 2019 conference in Las Vegas