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Amazon wants to halve carbon emissions from its shipments by 2030

E-commerce giant Amazon can boast of shipping millions of packages every day to these customers around the world, but now also seems to be aware of the impact of its activities on the environment and therefore of the drastic measures it is taking. it is called upon to do so in order to reduce its carbon footprint. In order to keep its commitments in terms of sustainable development, Jeff Bezos’ company, which is already making efforts on the theme of ecology, such as the development of sustainable energy parks and various programs related to recycling, seems to want to do one more step towards the ecological transaction, with the announcement of its new objective “Shipment Zero”. The idea of ​​this new program: to reduce the carbon footprint attributable to the company’s shipments by 50% by 2030.

Amazon pledges to halve carbon emissions from its shipments by 2030

photos of Amazon cardboard packages, which is committed to halving its carbon emissions by 2030 with the shipment zero program

According to Dave Clark, vice president of international operations at Amazon, the constant advances in terms of electric transport, clean fuels and renewable energies, now allow to consider a drastic drop in pollution linked to shipments, in order to target a halving emissions by 2030, followed by an ambitious long-term absolute zero carbon target. A commitment that the company, sparing in unnecessary packaging, seems “stubborn and determined to achieve”, despite the “difficulty of achieving such a goal.” In order to show its good faith, however, Amazon plans to make public the progress of its new program “Shipment Zero”, for everyone to witness it. After two years of reflection on the subject and with a team of 200 researchers, the company has set up a scientific model for data analysis, allowing precise identification of areas for improvement in terms of carbon emissions, in particular through cartography.

After wind and solar fields, Amazon is embarking on zero carbon

photo of the Texas Amazon wind farm, which is committed to reducing its co2 emissions by 50% by 2030

Jeff Bezos’ company and his Prime Air project for 2.0 deliveries

Prime Air drone photo Amazon and its new shipment zero program to halve its carbon emissions from its shipments in 2030

While Amazon likes to communicate about its future efforts in terms of ecology, it is not the same for its deviations in this area. Indeed, Greenpeace has just pointed the finger at the company regarding the extension of its activities located in Virginia, for which Amazon did not consider it essential to invest more in terms of renewable energy, consequently increasing its non-green electricity consumption. The Seattle-based company defended itself by pointing out the inaccuracy of the information posted by the environmental association and by reaffirming its firm intention to carry out its ecological advances, in particular its “Shipment Zero”.

Despite its efforts, Amazon remains one of the biggest energy consumers in the world

photo wall of Amazon parcels and its shipment zero program to reduce the pollution of its shipments by 2030