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An application assesses the damage of each product purchased

A Finnish start-up has developed a mobile application that calculates the carbon footprint of each product purchased. In other words, the program informs consumers of the impact of their purchase on climate change. The application assesses the damage that the product can have on the environment.

The carbon footprint is estimated as the sum of all greenhouse gas emissions released during the production and operation of a particular product. The application, named “My Carbon Action” and developed by Efuce, is able to calculate all these indices. But perhaps the biggest advantage the app offers is the ability to find greener products. You can find recommendations on how to shop with less damage to nature.

The “My Carbon Action” app shows how our purchases affect climate change

Application assesses the damage of each product purchased, ecological project for conscience

At the end of a given period (week, month or year), the user receives a report indicating how responsible his consumption was. “My Carbon Action” recommends that consumers refrain from purchasing certain products from large multinationals. These include reducing the use of plastic or plastic-wrapped products, reducing meat consumption, preparing food more often at home, going to work with an electric bicycle, for example. The app also frequently advises to disconnect electrical devices from the network. Turn off devices that you are not using. The same applies to lamps in rooms that you are not using at any given time.

Become more concerned about reducing carbon emissions, there is no second planet

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“Our goal is to help consumers become more concerned about reducing carbon emissions. That’s why we wanted to create a product that provides users with accurate information based on their purchase history and lifestyle. It is only by providing individualized and systematic information that we can help consumers make sustainable choices a habit, ”explains Monika Liikamaa, co-founder.

an app that helps raise awareness – “My Carbon Action” developed by the Finnish “Efuce” team

Green balconies of greener building, reduce pollution, app warned of changes

Less plastic, less electricity use and lots of other damage reduction tips

Travel kit in wood knife, fork, wooden spoon instead of plastic, application assesses damage

Application assesses the damage in order to reduce it for each

Understanding the purchases we make and the threats to the climate, app assesses the damage, hand holding miniature globe view tree and sky