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Apple announces new iPod Touch

Apple has just created a surprise by announcing the arrival of a new version of its popular iPod Touch, this time equipped with an A10 Fusion chip identical to that of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPad 2018 and of a new storage capacity of 256gb. This new generation of iPod Touch is the first significant update to the device since July 2015, when the previous 6th generation was released. Identical in appearance to its predecessor, the design remains the same, as does the screen, cameras and home button.

The iPod Touch returns for a 7th generation

Apple announces new 7th generation iPod Touch

While it seems that this new version of iPod is only taking over the technical characteristics of the lightweight iPhone 7, the new A10 chip that is now fitted to it should allow it to provide certain performance that was previously denied. Indeed, Apple’s new mobile device should finally be able to manage Facetime group calls, as well as certain augmented reality applications such as ARKit, all thanks to its new processor, displayed as twice as fast and to performance. graphics also re-evaluated.

IPod Touch now features iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip

Apple's new iPod Touch 7 will feature iPhone 7's A10 Fusion chip

The Cupertino brand stresses that this update and the resulting technical improvement should make the new iPod compatible with the games soon to be offered by the upcoming Apple Arcade subscription service. One way to strengthen the company’s position in its new strategy focused on connected services.

Identical design but increased performance for this update to the popular iPod Touch

7th Generation iPod Touch Update Improves Performance But Retains Design

If this new generation of Touch may appear light for some users who expected to discover a machine equipped with features aligned with those of the iPhone, this limited update nevertheless allows the device to rejuvenate and assume so the next versions of iOS, without seeing the bill climb too high. This new generation of iPod Touch will be available in three versions, starting at € 249 for the 32gb model, € 359 for the 128gb and € 469 for the one with 256gb..

Apple was therefore keen to update its device before the launch of its Arcade online games service.

Apple launches new iPod Touch with improved performance in anticipation of the arrival of its connected games service Apple Arcade