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Apple buries MacBook 12 and non-Retina MacBook Air

Apple has just quietly announced the retirement of two versions of its MacBook laptop. Indeed, the ultraportable of the Apple brand, the MacBook 12, is already withdrawing after only four years of service. It is joined in the closet by the older generation of MacBook Airs without Retina display, whose replacement arrived on track last September has just inherited a new update giving it True Tone technology..

Apple presented an update to its MacBook offering

Apple has announced a change in its laptop offering with the end of MacBook 12 and the update to Air Et Pro

Left aside for two years by Apple, which did not think it would be useful to breathe new life into it, the MacBook 12 had still managed to carve out a market share thanks to its finesse and its featherweight, despite its power. however lessened. Direct competition from its cousin the MacBook Pro, more powerful for measurements barely higher and above all presented at an equivalent price therefore seems to have sounded the death knell of the little 12. The MacBook Air Retina is therefore installed directly in its place, taking advantage the passage of a price reduction applied by Apple of around one hundred euros, for an entry price set at 1249th, as well as the arrival of True Tone technology.

MacBook Air Retina definitely replaces its standard-definition predecessor

Apple updates MacBook Air Retina installing True Tone and stops selling MacBook 12

The elimination of the old generation MB Air seemed inevitable in view of its somewhat obsolete design, in the face of competition increasingly inclined to improve their portable products. The lack of high resolution, touch screens and hybrid formats got the better of the laptop, which Apple ended up touting as its entry-level product..

Despite its advantageous measurements, MB 12 bows out and leaves its place to Air Retina

Apple Ends MacBook 12 Replaced by MacBook Air Retina Update

Another novelty presented by Apple in spring 2019, the arrival of the Touch Bar on all MacBook Pros, entry level included. The previously unequipped version, like the 13-inch, thus disappeared from circulation. A generalization of the Touch Bar which allows Apple to sectorize its offer a little more and to further differentiate the Pro and Air versions.

MB Pro now benefits from the Touch Bar as standard

Apple updates MacBook 13 by installing Touch Bar to all Pro models