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Apple is finally releasing its old German iPhones

After being banned from sale, two older iPhone models are making a comeback in the German market, this time with Qualcomm chips. This announcement follows the withdrawal from sale of the Iphone 7 and 8 ordered last December by a court in Munich, after it ruled in favor of the manufacturer Qualcomm, accusing Apple of patent infringement. This decision was commented on by Apple, then forced to cease the use of chips signed Intel in its smartphones sold in Germany: “Qualcomm is trying to use injunctions against us (Apple), so that we comply with their attempt to extortion “.

Iphone 7 and 8 are back in Germany this time equipped with Qualcomm chips

exterior tail photo for opening apple store Germany where the old IpHone were relisted with Qualcomm chips

The legal dispute between the firm at the apple and the US chip supplier has existed for a few years now, but tends to harden over patents and licenses. Apple initially sued Qualcomm for abuse of a dominant position in the chip market, before the latter accused the Cupertino company of infringing one of its patents through its subcontractor Qorvo. A turning point had taken place in 2016, when Apple had stopped supplying from Qualcomm for chips for its Iphone 7 and 7 Plus, in favor of its competitor Intel.

Apple complies with German court ruling and puts iPhone on sale

Apple rents old iPhone 7 and 8 on sale after changing Intel chips to Qualcomm

Apple therefore complies with the court’s decision by putting its old models back on the market, but this time equipped with Qualcomm chips. Newer iPhone models were not affected, as they were not affected by the components in question. According to Intel’s lawyer: “Intel chips are neither affected by this decision, nor subject to any injunction whatsoever.”.

The legal conflict between Appel and Qualcomm is gone to last

iPhone interior photo to illustrate article on the change of Intel chips by Qualcomm on the old Iphone and put back on sale in Germany

If it turns out that Apple’s choice to temporarily equip itself with Qualcomm products for its iPhone 7s & 8 sounds like a victory on this point for the vendor, but not on another point of battle, after another German court dismissed another patent infringement case against Apple. Note, however, that another injunction of this type was previously ordered in China against Apple, including the total withdrawal of its devices equipped with Qualcomm. Decision that the iPhone maker still has not complied with.

The chip war between Qualcomm and Intel

Apple and Qualcomm logo image for illustration legal conflict around chips patents and licenses and relisting in Germany of old Iphones with new chips