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Apple’s Mac Pro to arrive in December

After being unveiled last June, Apple’s new Mac Pro desktop computer, expected by predominantly professional customers given its range and selling price, will be available next December. Originally announced for this fall, the one already nicknamed the cheese grater due to the design of its central unit will finally arrive shortly before Christmas; With the end of autumn being December 21, the Cupertino company could in fact keep its promise.

Apple plans the arrival of its new Mac Pro for the month of December

Apple announces that the 2019 Mac Pro will finally be released in December

Having received its marketing authorization by the American FCC and having already been distributed to a few handpicked influencers, a pre-ordering of the Mac Pro and its Pro Display XDR screen should however be carried out soon, to accompany the arrival of the highly anticipated new MacBook Pro 16 ″ today.

Apple may launch pre-orders for its Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR display soon, however.

Apple announces the arrival of its new Mac Pro at $ 6,000 and its XDR display screen for the month of December

If Apple does not give details as to the exact date of the marketing of its Mac Pro, the Apple brand was keen to clarify the technical performance of the device. Indeed, while the presentation of the month of December foreshadowed a triple management of 8K streams, a spokesperson for the company now claims that this new computer should be able to handle double that, or six simultaneous streams..

Apple Mac Pro, the high-end computer expected by professionals

Apple's new 2019 Mac Pro will launch in December


Aimed at a demanding clientele and specific needs, the Mac Pro retains its status as a high-end or even prestige machine, posting the modest sum of $ 5,999 for its tower and $ 4,999 for the Pro Display XDR screen that accompanies it. . A set of roulettes will also be offered as an option at a price still unknown..

The $ 5,999 Mac Pro and its $ 4,999 Pro Display XDR screen

Apple to launch new $ 5,999 Mac Pro and $ 4,999 Pro Display XDR display in December

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