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Apple unveils the next generation of its AirPods headphones

Along with the launch of the new iPad Mini 5 and Air 2019 as well as the latest IMacs, Apple has just announced the arrival of the new generation of AirPods wireless headphones, two years after the first and their popular success. These 2.0 intraocular accessories now feature an optional wireless charging case and a new H1 chip, replacing the previous w1 and offering a longer battery life. The virtual assistant “Hey, Siri” is also in the game.

Apple unveils new AirPods wireless headphones

image of the new AirPods 2 headphones presented by Apple and sold with a wireless charging case

This new generation of AirPods retains the same design as its predecessors and is equipped with either a standard charging case, or a new wireless model compatible with Qi and lightning, with an LED indicator of the remaining battery level. . Apple also offers to buy the latter, compatible with the AirPower charging surface presented at the time of the release of the iPhone X and compatible with Apple Watch.

AirPods 2.0 now available with optional wireless case

The new Apple AirPods headphones are sold with a wireless charging box at a price of 229 euros

According to the Apple brand, the new H1 chip equipping these new AirPods 2.0 displays superior performance to the W1, from the Apple Watch and which until now equipped the first generation. The talk time is then increased by 50% for a total duration pushed to two hours, while the latency time is reduced by 30%. The quality of the microphone is also reassessed, as well as the connection and pairing time with the devices. Equipped with fifth generation bluetooth, these new headphones are also compatible with “Hey, Siri”, the virtual assistant already offered on the brand’s other products.

AirPods 2.0 feature the new H1 chip with superior performance

Apple's new generation AirPods are equipped with the H1 chip for better battery life

These new generation AirPods will therefore be available at two different prices depending on the case model chosen, € 179 for the standard and € 229 for its new wireless version. Note that AirPods 1.0 users will also be able to purchase this new wireless box, sold on its own for € 89. As with its newly unveiled IMac computers, Apple has therefore decided to keep its price list and not to apply a price increase, despite the superior performance of its new products..

Apple has not increased the prices of its new products

New Apple AirPods have better connection and battery life than the first generation