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Aqua, the first hydrogen yacht

The famous billionaire (Bill Gates), former Microsoft boss, retains the image of a simple-looking man despite his second place in the ranking of the richest men in the world. However, the one we know is attached to new green technologies (would have offered himself) one of the flashiest symbols of the super-rich outfit, a Yacht. Note that this big boat named Aqua is in fact the first of its kind to be powered by hydrogen.

Update: The Bill Gates Foundation and the Sinot Company have at this time refuted the official existence such a partnership for Aqua. Information to be taken with a grain of salt

Aqua, the first hydrogen-powered superyacht

Aqua, the hydrogen superyacht presented in 2019 would have found a buyer

(Bill Gates) has therefore just had fun while remaining in line with his ecological commitments. The man has just placed an order with the Dutch shipowner Sinot to supply him with the first superyacht in the world to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. According to the Telegraph, the 112-meter-long boat inspired by the Aqua concept presented in 2019 is estimated at around 600 million euros. With five decks, it will accommodate 14 passengers in addition to 31 crew members.

Aqua, the 600 million euro ship

Aqua, the super luxury hydrogen-powered yacht from the Dutch brand Sinot, is due to go to sea in 2024

Motorization level, this new generation superyacht is based on a duo of engines with a power of 1 mw supplied by two tanks of 28 tonnes of hydrogen, for a maximum speed of 31 km / h and a range of 7,000 km. Enough to allow transatlantic cruises.

14 passengers and 31 crew members

Aqua, the superyacht signed by the Dutch Sinot is estimated at 600 million euros

Scheduled to go to sea in 2024, Aqua and its hydrogen engines would however not be the most carbon neutral ship there is. In addition to its reciprocating diesel engine allowing it to maneuver at the port entrance, the hydrogen chosen to propel it is also not the cleanest, at least in its manufacture. Because if this fuel is content to reject only water particles into the atmosphere, its production requires a lot of fossil fuels, for their part much more harmful to the environment.

Presented in Monaco in 2019 as a concept boat, Aqua de Sinot should go to sea in 2024

after presenting the concept boat in 2019, Sinot could cast off Aqua in 2024