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BBC News heads dark with Tor browser

BBC News is launching a mirror site on the “dark web” with very good reason. This is the Tor network, which will be its supporter, allowing it to access it more securely through the anonymizing browser. The news agency publishes its international edition on the network, with coverage available in various languages, including Arabic, Persian and Russian. The Tor network is often associated with the dark web, but it is also an essential tool for those who wish to preserve their anonymity while accessing traditional sites..

BBC News made a version of its website available on the Tor browser

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The move aims to make BBC press coverage more secure in countries that try to restrict access, such as China, Iran and Vietnam. Although the typical BBC news URL is already loaded as usual when visited through the browser, BBC News says using the “onion” top-level domain prevents identity theft. It preserves end-to-end encryption, making it a more secure way to use the news site. Facebook launched a similar mirror in 2014.

Secure web research – the idea behind the Tor project, a global, decentralized overlay computer network

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If you would like to try the service, you can download the Tor browser and visit the BBC News site by adding the suffix “onion” after the period. Alternatively, the Brave browser also includes a similar navigation mode when you choose the Incognito option offered on other browsers..

BBC News mirror site access – incognito use of sites

BBC News provides access for the countries that remained, image big brother, two women watched by a thousand cameras

Being able to open sites like BBC News all over the world

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Safer browsing for everyone – noble ideas that the BBC News online site supports

BBC News mirror site on the Tor network, idea how to search in incognito mode, web browser without cookies