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Blogger Amie DD had a Tesla chip implanted in her forearm

As Tesla delivers its electric vehicle models without a physical key, replaced by a smartphone app via Bluetooth, a key fob or a simple card, a blogger by the name of Amie DD has just added a new way to lock and unlock her. Model 3 by implanting the RFID chip provided by the manufacturer directly into his forearm.

Blogger and Tesla owner Amie DD has her Model 3 chip implanted in her forearm

blogger and engineer Amie DD implanted a Tesla chip in her forearm

This Tesla Model 3 driver, engineer and follower of bio-hacking who describes herself as “creative”, is not at her first attempt, since she had already had a first chip dedicated to home automation installed. and his internet browser in his other arm. Unable to hack the first RFID chip to make it compatible with her Tesla, she simply decided to repeat the process by implanting the one provided by Elon Musk’s company. It is after having dissolved the card in acetone in order to extract the chip, which it then covered with biopolymer, that the conductor who is not cold in the eyes was implanted under the skin through a body modification studio and professional by the name of Pineapple.

A fan of bio-hacking, Amie DD now has two chips in her forearms

Passionate about bio hacking, Amie DD implanted the chip of her Tesla Model 3 in her forearm

While she describes the process in two Youtube videos, in which we can witness the implantation of the chip in question (the faint of heart abstain), the end result is not shown. Joined by the site The Verge, Amie DD still assures on her Twitter account that the operation worked well, despite a swollen arm which for the moment reduces the field of action of the chip.

The blogger and engineer documented the entire intervention process on video

Despite a post-implantation swollen arm, Amie DD’s idea seems to be working fine

Carried out by a professional, the implant of the Tesla chip is the second undergone by Amie DD

The operation took place in a professional Cleveland body modification studio

Amie DD is a passionate electronics engineer

Amie DD melted the card then installed the chip of her Tesla in her forearm