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Canal Plus launches its new Canal + Séries VOD platform

The French encrypted channel is launching its new and own VOD platform on March 12, called Canal + Séries. The boss of the “Four”, Maxime Saada, announced that it was not officially a question of competing with the growing rise of the Americans Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even soon Apple and Disney, but to bring a complementary offer to lovers of the genre. A way of attracting new customers, however, in order to counter the constant decline in the group’s subscribers.

Canal + Séries, the new VOD platform dedicated to TV series

logo new vod platform Canal + Séries Plus with gomorra 4 Vernon Subutex Twin Peaks Engrenages for 6.99 euros

As its name suggests, this new Canal + platform will mainly consist of TV series, while ignoring the cinema, until now its historic spearhead. The offer will of course be based on the group’s original productions, complemented by newly signed distribution agreements allowing the broadcast of American programs from productions such as Showtime or FX. 136 series are thus planned in the Canal + Séries offer, including the French Hippocrate and Vernon Subutex, as well as the foreign Killing Eve, SMILF and Better Things. Note that old cult programs like Dexter, X-files or 24h will also be offered.

Canal + Séries will be available from € 6.99 / month

capture offer vod platform Canal + Séries Plus Vernon Subutex Twin Peaks Engrenages at 6.99 euros

In terms of prices, the group has decided to place itself in an intermediate range to that of its competitors who do not say their name. With a starting price set at € 6.99 per month (one screen / 4K-UHD) against € 7.99 for the basic Netflix equivalent or € 5.99 for Amazon Prime Video, Canal + Séries is playing the card of aggressiveness, by virtue of a much smaller offer. Two- or four-screen offers are also available for € 9.99 and € 11.99 compared to € 10.99 and € 13.99 for Netflix. With its OTT MyCanal broadcasting service, Canal + will also allow the broadcasting of its new Canal + Séries platform through its application available for mobile devices or even Apple TV..

The VOD platform will broadcast series like Gomorra 4, Vernon Subutex, Killing Eve, SMILF, Better Things…

capture offer vod platform Canal + Séries 6.99 euros with Gomorra season 4 series Vernon Subutex Twin Peaks and Engrenages

In an increasingly competitive sector, Canal + is therefore trying to place itself at the center of the game, in order to attract new consumers who would not necessarily be interested in traditional offers, without risking cannibalization either. With Canal Plus Séries, the French group created in 1984 will therefore try to curb the ardor of the giant Netflix and its 5 million French subscribers, whose prices are increasing in the process..

The Canal Plus group attacks the giant Netflix

Canal Plus platform advertisement Canal + Séries Plus with Pose Killing Eve SMILF Engrenages 6.99 euros