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Chevrolet E-10 electric pickup unveiled at SEMA Las Vegas

The iconic American brand took advantage of the SEMA show in Las Vegas to present what could be its new contribution to the new and growing market of electric vehicles made in the USA. On this occasion, the manufacturer unveiled the Chevrolet E-10, a concept car taking the lines of the famous pick-up star of the 60s, the C-10, with instead of the V8, a powerful 100% electric propellant. . A boil that should hit the mark with nostalgic for old (electrical) mechanics, in a period when vintage is in fashion.

Chevrolet E-10 unveiled at SEMA Las Vegas

The SEMA show in Las Vegas showcased the Chevrolet E-10, an electric pickup with a very vintage design

With the E-10, Chevrolet delves into its history and that of its 1962 C-10 pickup, bringing back the myth of the American automobile with a modern look infused with vintage style and new technology. Taking the design and conception of its petrol ancestor, the Chevrolet E-10 however skips its rear storage space to make way for a Connect electric propulsion system & Cruise delivering 450 horsepower that allows it to climb from 0 to 96 km / h in less than five seconds.

The Chevrolet E-10 follows the lines of the iconic pick of the 60’s, the Chevy C10

With its Chevrolet E-10 concept car, the American brand combines the nostalgia of the car made in the USA and the modernity of electric cars.

Based on “proven Bolt EV components,” the Chevrolet E-10’s electrical system includes three dual-stack motors powered by two 400-volt lithium-ion Bolt batteries that deliver a total of 120 kWh, but whose autonomy has not been communicated. The power is managed by a four-speed automatic transmission and the propulsion sent entirely to the rear wheels. An atypical vehicle with its old school look, the Chevrolet E-10 features a lowered, custom-style sill, metallic orange paint popular in the hippie years and LED lights on the front and rear..

Chevrolet pickup electric motors deliver 450 horsepower

Chevrolet E 10 Electric Pickup Engines Deliver 450 Hair Equivalent

Proud of its new adult toy, which is still only a concept to this day, Chevrolet and its parent company General Motors are further highlighting their advancement in the eCrate propulsion system and in-house hot-running technology, which allowed here to give birth to the E-10 project in just 18 weeks. “General Motors thus shows that it has the skills necessary for the realization of a concept car like the E-10 and this thanks to the innovative thinking and the expertise, among others, of our electrification teams” a commented Jim Campbell, vice president of Chevrolet Motorsports.

A concept car designed in the space of 18 weeks

Chevrolet unveils the E-10, an electric pickup that takes the features of the C10 model from the 1960s

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