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Disney Plus withdraws several of its films without warning

Less than two months after its American launch, the SVOD Disney Plus streaming service is already surprising its customers. Indeed, users had the unpleasant surprise to discover that some films had disappeared from the catalog at the beginning of 2020. Among them, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mum I missed the plane or even Dr Dolittle.

Disney Plus surprises subscribers by cutting several of its programs

The Disney Plus SVOD service has just deleted a first part of its catalog without warning

It is the Polygon site, which specializes in entertainment, that reports the change in the Disney Plus offering. While Netflix openly updates its catalog, adding new content every month and removing others, Disney has preferred to communicate on new programs put online, but has so far been well kept from announcing the deletions. An update which therefore surprises many new customers with its untimely side, but which is not the result of a promise from the American giant.

An update to Disney Plus content like Netflix

Disney Plus subscribers were surprised to see several films removed from the platform

Disney has always relied on the “rarity” of its classics. Thus, the firm has created what it calls its safe, in which it contains the rights to its traditional programs such as Peter Pan or The Little Mermaid. By opening this “vault” from time to time in order to market these great titles in physical version for a limited period of time, Disney thus created demand over a given period. However, by launching its SVOD service, the company was thus promising its future subscribers permanent and unlimited access to its well-guarded treasures..

The promise of unlimited access to the “safe” of Disney house classics

The Disney Plus streaming service surprised its customers by deleting several films from its catalog without warning

In addition, another promise from Disney Plus seems to have gotten into the air, namely the continuous availability of a downloaded program. The user who had decided to keep a program on their hard drive could in theory keep it for the duration of their subscription, even if it was deleted from the online catalog. A service on which Disney has just backed down, announcing that all files downloaded locally would also be erased along with their online version.

Locally downloaded content will also be deleted

A first update of the Disney Plus catalog saw the disappearance of several films

Another reason pushing Disney Plus to regularly update its catalog, the broadcasting rights. Indeed, the company has entered into numerous production agreements with other competing streaming companies such as Netflix. As a result, some films are subject to a priority right, as is the case for The Last Jedi, which was available on Netflix even before being on the Disney Plus platform..