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Disney + unveils its strengths with competitively priced multi-screen 4K

Announced several months ago, Studio Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Plus, will officially launch on November 12 and promises to be a serious contender for the industry leader Netflix. Indeed, the company with big ears took advantage of its meeting D23 Expo to unveil assets that should allow it to make a sensational entry into the VOD market..

Disney + unveils its competitive price offer

Disney Plus just unveiled its offer including 4K and quad-screen multi-streaming for $ 6.99

In addition to an upcoming content-packed schedule, Disney + is announcing that its offering will include 4K quality, simultaneous four-screen multicasting and a total of seven user profiles per account, which can be used individually. All for a call price set at $ 6.99, while Netflix now charges an equivalent level of performance of 15.99 euros / dollars.

With multi-screen streaming in 4K for $ 6.99, Disney deals a serious blow to its competitor Netflix

Disney Plus hits the mark with four-screen 4K streaming for an unbeatable price

With the proliferation of promises in terms of production and now quality of service, Disney + is aiming high and could seriously call into question Netflix’s leadership. The American streaming giant is being directly attacked in terms of pricing, which recently increased its fees to $ 9 per month in the United States (€ 7.99) for its basic single-screen non-HD offer and has passed its dual HD screen offer at € 11.99. A price increase justified by the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, who points the finger at the decline in the number of American subscribers over the period of the first quarter of this year. A counter performance, the first to date, which did not fail to plunge the value of the company.

Disney streaming service promises to be a success

Disney took advantage of its D23 expo to present its 4K multi-screen offer for $ 7

If Disney is still far from having a catalog as extensive as Netflix, the creator of Mickey Mouse has not stopped announcing new projects for a few weeks. In addition to headlines like the upcoming series on Obi Wan Kenobi, that of The Mandalorian, or even on Marvel superheroes, accompanied by remakes of Beauty and the Tramp or The Little Mermaid, Disney announced at the D23 Expo that it wanted to present each new episode on a weekly basis. A loyalty strategy contrary to that of Netflix, which for its part delivers all of its series at once.

Disney + must now enhance its content offer

With a price of 7 dollars for a broadcast in 4K on four screens, Disney intends to compete with Netflix