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Elon Musk takes a getaway behind the wheel of his Cybertruck

After the presentation a few weeks ago of his highly anticipated futuristic SUV Cybertruck, Tesla boss Elon Musk was surprised last weekend at the wheel of it in the streets of Los Angeles. Filmed by passers-by, the walk was noticed by some freedoms taken by the driver, knocking over a sign in its path and taking a prohibited turn when exiting a parking lot.

Elon Musk has granted himself a Cybertruck outing

Elon Musk was filmed driving his Cybertruck electric suv through the streets of Malibu

This little escapade of the new Tesla Cybertruck is not, however, a first, it having already been seen in the days following its mixed presentation on the SpaceX side. However, this is the first time that the electric SUV has been seen in the hands of its designer, determined to enjoy his latest big toy at $ 40,000 and with a design “straight out of Blade Runner”, as he likes it. underline. A daring that seems to be rewarded in view of the 250,000 pre-orders already placed by future potential customers and which should only increase after this release which quickly went viral.

Elon Musk and his Tesla Cybertruck in the streets of Los Angeles

Tesla boss Elon Musk treated herself to a restaurant outing behind the wheel of his Cybertruck sub

Put in perspective in a road context, the Cybertruck was able to unveil the impressive size of its wheels and raised suspensions, as well as its angular steel design that is so much inkling. Far from contenting himself with a simple discreet essay, Elon Musk has given himself a new exposure here, choosing to visit the Japanese restaurant Nobu in Malibu, a place regularly frequented by some of the many celebrities in the city of angels. To showcase his SUV’s seating capacity as well, the billionaire was accompanied by five other people, bringing the total to six passengers, divided between front and rear.

As expected, the Cybertruck was able to carry six passengers

Elon Musk and his Cybertruck were first spotted on the streets of Los Angeles

While the vehicle is only scheduled for late 2021, the Tesla boss does not seem ready to wait until then, despite the lack of certain mandatory items on the vehicle, such as a rearview mirror and wipers. However, the Cybertruck was able to hit the road by equipping itself with special license plates reserved for manufacturers, allowing them to carry out prototype tests on public roads..

A walk that quickly became media coverage

First public outing for Elon Musk and his futuristic Cybertruck suv at a restaurant in Malibu, Los Angeles