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Facebook buries its real-fake Onavo VPN

After the controversy over its Research program and its paid spy policy, Facebook finally announced a few days ago the end of its VPN utility Onavo, accused of collecting an untold amount of data on its users. However, the social network does not intend to stop its data collection, self-proclaimed market research, but now promises to make an effort regarding their transparency. Already banned from its store by Apple for violating data collection rules, the spy revealed Onavo has just been removed from the Android Play Store.

Facebook terminates its Onavo spy VPN

illustration spyware facebook onavo data collection against real paid vpn

If the application was advertised by FB as a network protecting personal data, it turned out to be an inexhaustible source of data for the Cambridge giant, concerning among other things connection times, applications used, locations and other favorite sites of its users. This flow of information was very useful for Facebook, which understood in particular, after analyzing the habits of Internet users and their messages, that the WhatsApp messaging service would prove to be one of Messenger’s main competitors. Zuckerberg to buy green logo app for $ 16 billion.

Facebook data collection scandals are on the rise

illustration data collection by facebook onavo fake vpn spy

Facebook has resolved to stop using its Onavo VPN, but the move is just another step in the long list of controversies surrounding the social network. In open conflict with the manufacturer of Apple since the case of the Research program and the internal blocking of FB applications that had resulted from it, the giant created by mark Zuckerberg is more than ever singled out and its future seems to darken by scandals into scandals.

Mark Zuckerber and Facebook caught up with the Research program

photo mark zuckerberg and facebook scandals with vpn spyware that collects data

The importance of choosing a quality VPN to really protect your users

illustration to encourage choosing a real quality paid vpn against onavo facebook spy and data collection