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Facebook offers an innovative petition feature: the new battleground

Facebook is implementing a new feature that allows you to submit your own petition online. While many other platforms have already made this available, none of them have as large an audience as the US social network. However, this new petition feature places many responsibilities on Facebook..

The petition function to help protect the environment

in technews, facebook launches new petition feature called community action

Now citizens can send a collective petition to local authorities or government agencies with a list of those affected via the social network. In this way, the platform helps civil society to draw the attention of public authorities to issues that are difficult to address publicly..

What does this petition function look like ?

high tech news archzine, facebook and its new petition function called community action

Then comes the question of the abuses generated by the function, because it is inevitable that the smart kids will appropriate it for wacky ends. For example, some may suggest that everyone in their community wear carnival costumes every day and while this petition looks funny, it can reach the general public. But the risk is to see the emergence of proposals focused on discrimination. As a result, Facebook must therefore control requests more strictly, without being censored. However, we already know that petitions can quickly get out of hand when they are accessible to all users..

The term petition is renamed Community Action

screenshot of facebook's new petition feature in high tech news

The functionality is renamed Community Action. Users can add a photo, title and description of their action, then simply launch the action by clicking on Support. Then only signatories can leave comments. The list of supporters will not be visible, but only their number. Finally, criticism can however be done in private. A tool therefore allowing citizens to come together around common problems and ideas, which risks provoking significant solicitation from the authorities.

A new reason to browse Facebook

illustration of the community action petition function launched by facebook in high tech technews

This Community Action function can therefore become a force of proposal and a powerful weapon in the hands of citizens. However, its success will depend on the goodwill of Facebook and how users use it..

The Facebook team relies on innovative ideas

white facebook logo on blue to illustrate technews news on the new facebook petition function launched in the united states