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Facebook suffered another outage on Thanksgiving Day

The facebook group suffered a technical glitch again on Thursday, preventing many users from fully using its applications. This new bug occurred during the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States and in the middle of the afternoon in France, particularly affected according to the number of reports in France to the Downdetector site.

Facebook group apps crashed again on Thanksgiving Thursday

A new outage hit the Facebook group's applications this Thanksgiving Thursday

If Mark Zuckerberg’s group quickly claimed to have restored the functioning of its main networks, Facebook and Instagram, the latter had, as usual, to turn to its competitor Twitter in order to communicate with its users. Message relayed by a spokesperson for the company to the American media: “People may have had difficulty accessing the various applications of the Facebook family earlier in the day. This issue has since been resolved and we’re 100% back for everyone. We are sorry for this inconvenience ».

Facebook and Instagram users struggled to use networks to post their Thanksgiving photos

Facebook group apps like Instagram suffered another outage on Thanksgiving holiday Thursday

Facebook explained this new technical setback to CNBC as early as noon as “a problem in one of the core software which made it difficult for many people to access Facebook applications.” The spokesperson then reassured the affected users by adding to have “quickly investigated the problem and started to restore access”.

The blackout would have particularly affected the USA and central Europe

A new bug hit Facebook, Instagram and the group's other networks this Thursday

Meanwhile, reports from the Downdetector site were multiplying across the world, with some internet users relaying the hashtags #facebookdown and #InstagramDown. The complaints, focused on Europe and the US, mainly concerned an inability to post on Facebook or display posts on Instagram, the network apparently the most affected.

As with every FB outage, users turned to Twitter to relay #facebookdown and #InstagramDown

Thursday's Facebook and Instagram blackout hit the US and Europe, reports to Downdetector

If the blackout did not fall well on this Thanksgiving holiday Thursday, it did not however have the importance of that of last March, which had prevented the majority of Internet users from using the Facebook group’s applications for longer. 24 hours. A bug then explained by a “change of server configuration”.

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