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Faced with discontent, Amazon gives up establishing its headquarters in New York

After criticism and protests from residents and elected officials of the city, Amazon finally decided to abandon its New York headquarters project, as announced by the group’s spokesperson: “After deliberation, we decided not to materialize our Amazon headquarters project planned in the Queen’s ”…” This decision stems from the fact that certain politicians and local officials have voiced their opposition to our installation, as well as their reluctance to work with us and develop the relations necessary for the successful completion of the project “. Amazon had previously chosen New York and Virginia to split its second headquarters into two separate entities, in which the creation of 25,000 jobs was planned..

Long Island City Residents Against New York Amazon Siege

photo of inhabitants of long island city against the establishment of the new Amazon headquarters in New York

This choice had however been stimulated by the high political spheres of New York, putting forward a great advance in the field of employment, which would benefit NYC and its region, making the Big Apple a Silicon Valley of the East Coast. Critics then reacted quickly to the billion and a half dollars in tax incentives promised by NYC in exchange for the local establishment of the group, causing residents to fear gentrification of the area, with an inevitable boom in real estate, facing on the arrival of high or very high salaries offered to its executives by Amazon. Since then, the debate has continued to divide the camps favorable and unfavorable to this project called “QG2” from Amazon..

Local protests got the better of Amazon’s new headquarters

protest residents of long island city queens against new Amazon headquarters in New York

While pro-Jeff Bezos’ group politicians as well as the New York real estate industry display their disappointment since the announcement of the pullout, some neighboring states see the situation as a potential windfall. This is how the governor of nearby New Jersey quickly positioned himself as a candidate for the establishment of the company’s new “QG2” headquarters, thereby taking advantage of the New York defection: “More than ever, Newark is proving to be the best choice for a visit from the Amazon offices, to which we are offering the opportunity to reach Newark, a booming city ”. Enthusiasm left a dead letter for the moment, since Amazon does not seem in a hurry to launch again in a study and a search for a point of fall, preferring to focus on Virginia, the big winner of this showdown and second half of his initial project. If the number of jobs planned does not seem to be revised upwards for the moment, the economic sector of Richmond remains satisfied with its lot, as a local economic official said: “We are delighted with this prospect of development. which is offered today on the scale of the state of Virginia ”.

Map of the original location for Amazon to set up in NYC

map of the planned location of Amazon headquarters in New York, finally canceled

Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York, who supported and believed in the establishment of this second Amazon headquarters, warns of a possible decline in the economic attractiveness of the city, as a result of the popular outcry which finally caused the economy to falter. e-commerce giant. However, if the Amazon case has not been able to come to an end in NYC, the upcoming establishment of a Google campus in the same city should rekindle the hopes of some bridges in the local economy..

The enthusiasm of the public authorities had to give way to local discontent

Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrate agreement to install Amazon headquarters in Long Island City