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FBI uses permit photos for facial recognition

the Washington post just revealed that the FBI and the US Customs Service, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) were using databases of driver’s license photos for facial recognition, an illegal practice.

The Washington Post reveals that the FBI’s facial recognition practices

US daily The Washington Post reveals FBI use of driver's license photos for facial recognition

Journalists from the daily as well as researchers from Georgetown University have reportedly got their hands on documents and emails highlighting the fact that the federal offices of the FBI and the ICE use the databases of the departments responsible for the registrations and driver’s licenses, made up of millions of photos of American citizens, in order to use facial recognition without the knowledge of those concerned. If the use of DNA tests and fingerprints are common practice in police investigations, the use of photos of ordinary people not suspected is a new level in the liberalization of easy analysis techniques, which is more important. illegal. No US representative body has passed a law allowing the use of these photos for facial recognition purposes.

FBi and ICE reportedly use driver’s license photos to aid their facial recognition searches

Washington Post reveals FBI, ICE use driver's license photos for facial recognition

Although controversial, this practice seems to be assumed by the Trump administration. The federal services would thus be using photo databases from driver’s license registers in their frenzied fight against illegal immigration. Facts defended by Secretary of State for Homeland Security Kevin McAllenan under the guise of the Trump presidency to quickly identify all those illegally present in US territory. This is thanks to permits issued in states such as Utah, which has little regard for the sharing of its data..

“These states never let undocumented people know that getting a driver’s license came with a face donation to ICE,” Harrison Rudolph, Center on Privacy and Technology

The FBI's Use of Driver's License Photo Databases for Facial Recognition Would Be Completely Illegal

This territory in the western United States indeed allows foreigners to obtain a driver’s license, whose identity photos can then be used to arrest them. “These states have never let undocumented people know that obtaining a driving license was accompanied by a donation of their face to the ICE (…) It is a huge bait for the authorities” a said Harrison Rudolph, Center on Privacy and Technology, a technology and privacy watchdog.

Research via photos is “important to preserve the freedoms of our country, guarantee the protection of our freedoms and preserve our security”, Kimberly Del Greco, Deputy Deputy Director of the FBI.

FBI reportedly uses permit photos obtained by foreigners in Utah to identify and deport them

According to a report, nearly 400,000 facial recognition searches have already been carried out by the FBI and ICE through these databases. If these prove to be “often carried out in the shadows and without consent” according to Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, they would nonetheless remain “important for preserving the freedoms of our country, guarantee the protection of our freedoms and preserve our security ”, for Kimberly Del Greco, deputy assistant director of the FBI.