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Gmail relies on the interactivity of emails with the AMP platform

A year after announcing it, Google has just equipped its Gmail email service with AMP compatibility, the open source platform designed to turn previously static emails into truly interactive pages. While the service seems to be arriving late at Google, the company says its development is not an easy task. Note that this is already set up by other email providers such as Outlook or Yahoo mail.

Google wants to make Gmail emails interactive with AMP

Gmail launches AMP service that turns static Gmail emails into interactive tools

OYO Rooms or Pinterest are already adapting their communication to the AMP format

GIF animation of using a Pinterest email on Gmail in AMP format and its interactivity

AMP’s mission in the email industry is to transform the basic messaging tool into an interactive surface allowing certain actions to be performed, without necessarily having to open your internet browser at the same time. Aakash Sahney, Gmail Product Manager, defines his innovation: “Our use of the internet has changed dramatically over the past decades, from static content to tools that have become interactive. However, email has not followed the same path (…) until now, if you wanted to take action, you had to open a tab or a site through a link, which is now obsolete. ” Thanks to AMP technology, emails therefore become interactive, making it possible to complete a questionnaire or shop directly in the body of the email, without having to be redirected to a new Google Chrome or Mozilla page. We will find this service very soon through emails from certain companies supporting the platform such as Booking, Doodle, Pinterest or Freshworks.

“Our use of the internet has changed dramatically over the past decades, moving from static content to tools that have become interactive.” Aakash Sahney, Gmail Product Manager.

some large internet companies have already developed their communication around AMP Gmail or Yahoo emails

If this arrival of AMP at Google coincides with the planned disappearance of Inbox, it does not seem to be unanimous. Indeed, points of view today are mixed, some preferring to limit the number of tabs open on their browsers, while others refute the idea of ​​a too loaded and complex page, likely to multiply the advertising media. as well as account hacks.

Emails will now become real internet tools

With AMP technology, emails from Gmail or Yahoo will become heavy interactive machines