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Google Maps gets an update for its 15th anniversary

Google Maps has become a staple of daily digital life, and will celebrate its 15th anniversary on February 8, 2005. For the occasion, the most famous of the connected mapping services has a new logo and a slight overhaul.

Google Maps updates for its 15th anniversary

Google Maps celebrates 15 years with an overhaul and new features

Two days before its official anniversary, Google Maps is therefore giving itself an aesthetic rejuvenation with a new icon for which the traditional pin is now dressed in the colors of the giant GAFA. By March, the service is also expected to acquire new public transport features. These will then provide an idea of ​​the level of attendance and the potential congestion of one’s train, bus or metro. Other details such as the temperature inside the trains, the accessibility of the lines to people with reduced mobility or their security will also be part of the new information package available.

Google Maps celebrates its anniversary with a new logo

Google Maps update will include a new logo and more information on public transport

The application version of Google Maps also benefits from the overhaul by now placing five tabs in its lower part. We will then find “Discover”, for what to obtain information on the surrounding places or events, “Routes” for road trips or transport, “Recorded” to save your favorite places, “Contribute” to enhance the service. new information or opinions, and finally “News”. Finally, the new version of Maps will have the Google augmented reality option, Live View, now based on the use of the camera in order to superimpose a place on the map without needing to launch navigation mode.

The new version of Maps gets new tabs

15 years after its launch, Google's Maps service gets a slight overhaul

By redesigning its service, Google Maps is emphasizing user input by making its functionality more intuitive. To do this, the application will be based more on collecting information and sharing information obtained from Internet users.

Update includes new contributory information related to public transport

The update of Google Maps will be based more on the content and contributions of users on a daily basis