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Google Photos adopts manual face identification

With its new version 4.32.1, Google Photos now allows you to manually identify forgotten faces. If the artificial intelligence of the application has been able since its inception to recognize by itself the faces present in a photo and to find their identity according to the database of each, its algorithm is however not an exact science, sometimes leading to oversights that are impossible to modify. A flaw that should be corrected with this new update, promises Google.

Google Photos now make manual face identification possible

Google Photos now brings a manual identification function to its automatic facial recognition system

While Google Photos used to work assertively in identifying faces in a photo, the new update 4.32.1 will now allow manual corrections to be made, thereby filling in some omissions. However, Google’s AI remains the only master on board, meaning that identifying unrecognized people will depend entirely on the app’s ability to discern a human or animal face. It will therefore be impossible to tag a person if no face is detected by the Google Photos algorithm..

Google Photos automatic facial recognition now supported by manual identification

Google Photos now allows you to tag faces not recognized by facial recognition AI

If it makes it possible to fill the gaps of Google Photos, this new functionality does not work miracles and will continue to refuse the identification of a face that it does not consider as such, as it may be the case if the person head turned or if the light does not allow the app to clearly distinguish the presence of an individual. However, it will be possible to add manual tags to a photo over time.

Only human and animal faces can be tagged

In order to fill in the omissions of automatic facial recognition, Google Photos offers manual face identification

A priori still in the testing phase, the new manual identification function of Google Photos seems to take its time before making itself available to all users.

The new function will be available to everyone soon

Google Photos' new manual identification feature will complement the automatic people recognition system

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