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Harley-Davidson unveils its prototype electric bikes

After unveiling its first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, the iconic brand of shiny gear made in the USA has just presented its future project, the electric bicycle. Indeed, Harley-Davidson is looking with more and more emphasis on clean vehicle models, especially with this future range of electrically assisted bicycles. Announced for several months via official photos communicated by the American brand, the collection is finally revealed in the flesh.

Harley-Davidson unveils its probable line of electric bikes

After the photos were released, Harley-Davidson unveiled its prototype electric bikes at the Milan Motorcycle Show

@ Harley-Davidson

Still at the prototype stage, this collection of Harley-Davidson branded electric bikes, the names of which are still unknown, made its preview at the EICMA two-wheeler show in Milan. While the automaker announces a production launch potentially for 2020, it however says it is still “in the process of evaluating market opportunities and finalizing design details”.

Harley-Davidson bikes still being finalized

Harley-Davidson unveiled the three prototypes of its future electric bikes in Milan

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This future range of Harley-Davidson electric bikes is available in three MTB-type models, distinct from each other by the central bar of their frame, sometimes straight in the “man” style, sometimes inclined in the manner of women’s bikes, or non-existent in order to facilitate the step. Shown in black, black and white and gray / orange, these three new generation high-end bicycles appear to be equipped with a belt transmission, disc brakes, an electric motor placed in the crankset and a removable battery. hidden in the front part of the frame.

Harley-Davidson showcased its trio of stylish off-road bikes

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle brand presented its three electric bikes still at the prototype stage

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Apart from a few photos and an Italian presentation, Harley-Davidson has not commented on the technical characteristics of its pedal machines, the final version of which may still differ from the one unveiled here. Thus, no information on the power of the motor of the battery, on its autonomy, or even the price range has been communicated..

Harley-Davidson hopes to start production of its e-bikes as early as 2020

Harley-Davidson unveiled its electric bikes at the Milan two-wheel show

In a booming electric bicycle market that is expected to reach 40 million units sold by 2023, many automakers are currently looking at this new social phenomenon, alongside other more specialized manufacturers. A major and promising development prospect that has already spurred the other spearhead of American motorization, General Motors, has marketed its own range of folding assistance bicycles.

Despite the presentation of its prototypes of electric bikes, Harley-Davidson has not communicated information about them


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