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Here is a 3D preview of the next Iphone 12

After announcing the launch for this month of April of its new iPhone SE at a more reasonable price than usual, the highly anticipated iPhone 12 from the Apple brand is unveiled a little more, at least virtually.

The next iPhone 12 is revealed in 3D

Yououtubeur EverythingApplePro unveiled a 3D model of the next Iphone 12

What to expect for the next iPhone 12 ?

Scheduled for next September, Apple’s new iPhone 12 is at the heart of rumors about its aesthetic appearance, which should get closer of the new Ipad Pro 2020 of the Cupertino company. It’s in this sense that Filip Koroy’s Youtube channel EverythingApplePro uploaded a video of what the long-awaited new smartphone could possibly look like. Based on potential specs, the 12-minute post unveils a 3D printed model to illustrate the device’s upcoming new features, including its 6.7-inch Pro display.

3D printing as a first glimpse of the future Apple smartphone

A first 3D preview of the next Apple Iphone 12 pro max unveiled on Youtube by EverythingApplePro

A Max version mounted on 6.7 inches

This initiative therefore highlights the rumors of an angular design taken from the Ipad Pro for this new Iphone 12. With flat steel edges like the Iphone 5, the high-end Max version of the future smartphone will have the largest screen ever released by Apple on its phones. The “notch” notch of the selfie camera and the speaker appears reduced for the benefit of the screen. Three rear camera setup, LiDAR scanner, and smart connector to support various accessories, like the latest Magic Keyboard, are also part of the specifications of this new generation of iPhone.

The big 6.7-inch screen should equip the iPhone 12 Max

A first sketch of the highly anticipated Apple Iphone 12 has been unveiled in 3D on Youtube

Despite a detailed rendering, EverythingApplePro stresses that its 3D sketch is only guesswork, knowing that the current drawings would only be confirmed up to 70%. This should leave room for future modifications before the final marketing of the device.

Draft presented by EverythingApplePro is expected to evolve by September

The iPhone 12 Pro should be equipped with a 6.7 inch screen and square edges according to the 3D projection of EverythingApplePro