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Huawei could replace Android with Russian OS Aurora

After Google’s decision to ban the Chinese manufacturer from its Android system due to new guidelines put in place by the US government, Huawei could now turn to Russia for an operating system. If Ren Zhengfei’s company had yet made it known that it would rely on the development of its own Hongmeng OS in order to ensure the functioning of its smartphones and tablets, it seems that the Russian solution of Aurora OS could be another alternative for the giant of the middle empire in full turmoil.

Huawei could look to Russia and Aurora OS to replace Android

Sailfish OS now Russian Aurora OS could soon replace Android in Huawei smartphones

Huawei would therefore consider relying on the Russian Aurora OS system, formerly created in Finland under the name Sailfish OS and then taken up in Russia under its current name, to fill the void soon left by Android. The period of suspension of use given by Donald Trump to the Chinese brand will soon expire and will therefore lead to a 60% drop in sales of Huawei smartphones internationally. Based on the open source Linux solution, Aurora would still be compatible with certain Android applications and would appear to be an alternative solution that is easier to set up than the development of Hongmeng which is still ongoing. Banned from the US market, Huawei would go directly to the side of long-time rival Russia.

Aurora OS, ex Sailfish, could equip future Huawei smartphones, banned from Android

Chinese Huawei could choose Russian Aurora OS formerly Sailfish to replace Android

The CEO of Huawei is said to have held talks with the Russian minister in charge of digital, communication and media issues, in order to discuss a future use of the Aurora OS, on which the state of Vladimir Putin has a certain hold. The development of production units on Russian Federation soil would also be one of the key elements of this likely collaboration. Political and economic interests would be reinforced by this alliance between the two rival powers of the United States which are now Huawei and the Russian state, the latter being in fact co-owners of Rostelcom, head of the Aurora OS project, developed in parallel with Hongmeng BONE.

Banned from the US market, Huawei would go directly to the side of the long-time rival by adopting Aurora OS

Russian Aurora OS ex Sailfish OS could be chosen by Huawei to replace Android

Huawei’s international sales could drop by 40-60%

Chinese manufacturer Huawei reportedly considering replacing Android with Russian OS Aurora formerly Sailfish