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Huawei launches the Mate 30, its first American smartphone without component

Huawei has just launched its eagerly awaited Mate 30, a model presented at the start of the school year but whose release is now a miracle. Indeed, the new flagship model of the Chinese brand almost never saw the light of day on European soil, due to the inability by the manufacturer to provide its device with Google services. An absence that follows the measures taken against it by the US government and the implementation of sanctions against the Chinese giant. Indeed, the new rules imposed by Trump on US companies now prohibit them from doing business with Huawei, depriving the latter of many of its suppliers and their components. A challenge that the brand from the Middle Kingdom has apparently taken up, designing its new Mate 30 without any element of American origin.

The Huawei Mate 30 smartphone has arrived in France

Huawei has marketed its Mate 30, the first component-less smartphone of American origin

What appeared to be problematic and which, for sure, gave Huawei a hard time, finally proved to be surmountable, according to a careful analysis of the components of the Mate 30 by independent laboratories. Indeed, these show that the Chinese brand has been able to circumvent the American boycott by sourcing from Asian and European companies, but also by taking advantage of its own subsidiaries. As a result, Huawei has leaned on the side of HiSilicon, a division of the company specializing in the manufacture of the Kirin processor and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, chosen to supplant the Americans Broadcom and Cirrus Logic. The Japanese Murata, the Dutch NXP, as well as the Taiwanese MediaTek and the French STMicroelectronics are also part of the list of new suppliers of the giant Huawei. These companies, for the moment not subject to US sanctions, should thus take advantage of the lack of competition on the other side of the Atlantic in order to gain a foothold in a market largely supported by their new Chinese client. This, despite Huawei’s “clear preference” to “continue to integrate and purchase components from US supplier partners” announced earlier by the company..

Huawei Mate 30: the 1st smartphone designed without American hardware

Huawei Mate 30, the Chinese giant's first smartphone designed without American hardware

While Huawei continues in parallel to dig into its stocks of American components made upstream of the implementation of the Trump sanctions, in particular with regard to the 5G Qualcomm chip of this Mate 30, the brand must however face a ban which also applies to the use of Android. Without being able to install a real version of the software and all its services on his new smartphone, he has to be content with an open-source version of the Google OS. The US elections next year, however, could change the plans of Washington’s current governance..

Asian and European companies have been able to fill the gap of US suppliers

Huawei has succeeded in replacing its American suppliers with European and Asian components

Huawei must do without Android and its Google services, however.

Made without American components, the Huawei Mate 30 must however do without Android and Google

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