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Huawei smartphones will now be deprived of Android

In order to comply with Washington’s decision to ban American companies from trading with foreign telecommunications companies deemed “at risk”, Google has just ended its collaboration with the Chinese giant Huawei, which will no longer have the right to use the Android mobile operating system. A blow for the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, whose main ambition was to dethrone its Korean competitor Samsung.

Update 05/21/19: Washington grants Huawei a 3-month reprieve to manage its supply of US services and materials.

Google bans Huawei from Android and its services

logo of huawei which is banned from using Google's Android operating system on its new smartphones

Huawei will no longer have access to Android operating licenses, nor to all the services attached to them, such as Gmail or Maps and all other applications developed by Google. The Google Play Store will therefore also be banned from future Chinese phones. It will now only be able to operate a public and open source version of Android. Google has already commented on its decision, through one of its spokespersons: “We are thus complying with government requirements and will analyze the consequences (…) Google Play and the Protect security services will remain operational. for our users using existing Huawei devices ”.

The Chinese Huawei is part of the list of foreign entities “at risk” according to Donald Trump

Huawei ban on Android follows ban on US companies like Google from doing business with foreign telecom companies

For its part, the Chinese manufacturer also reacted by saying “assess the impact of this American decision on consumers around the world.” “Huawei has played an important role in the spread of Android and its development around the world. As an important partner of Google, we have started and continue to develop an operating system based on its open source platform for the benefit of the public and the industry, ”said a company spokesperson, adding that Huawei “will continue to provide security updates and after-sales service for its products already sold or in stock”.

Deprived of Android, Huawei finds itself hampered in its ambitions to become world number one in the smartphone market

Huawei planned to become the world's number one smartphone, ambition hampered by its ban by Android

This ban of Huawei by Android mainly impacts terminals sold outside China (49%), the manufacturer already marketing a modified version of Android not equipped with Google services, banned on the soil of the Middle Kingdom. In any case, it is a drastic brake on Huawei’s ambitions on an international level and a blessing for Samsung which, along with the signs of weakening Apple, now has a free field to consolidate its position as world leader in the smartphone market.

Already banned in China, Google’s ban mainly impacts Chinese international markets

Huawei's Android ban hits China's international exports hard