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Ikea and Sonos present their new line of Symfonisk speakers

Ikea and US manufacturer Sonos have just unveiled a decorative speaker duo, the result of years of joint work. Announced for next summer, these two new loudspeakers have the particularity of taking on the appearance and utility of a lamp for one and a shelf for the other. Responding to the name of Symfonisk, this first of the line of products has a wifi connection making it compatible with the Sonos application system. They can be combined, their price will be 179 € for the lamp and 99.95 € for the shelf version.

Ikea and Sonos jointly developed Symfonisk, a range of decorative speakers

Ikea and audio system maker Sonos jointly developed the Symfonisk speaker line

Bulb-free at the time of purchase, this new tube speaker from the American-Swedish collaboration should come with similar audio characteristics to the Sonos One model, except that the manufacturer does not promise extravagance to it. level, in particular because of a lower power of bass than this one due to the reduced size of the speaker. Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, stressed that in addition to being controllable by Spotify among others, the latest addition to his company should be controllable by the Ikea application dedicated to home automation, allowing both management of music controls, as well as a mastery of the Swedish group’s various intelligent products, such as its blinds and other lighting systems. Despite a sound rendering that classifies it more as an auxiliary audio system, this Symfonisk range will also be equipped with the TruePlay function developed by Sonos, allowing the sound to be adapted according to the location of the speaker..

The new speaker shelf from the Symfonisk range

The Symfonisk speaker line from Sonos and Ikea comes in two speaker models, a lamp and a shelf

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Say HEJ to the newest member of the SYMFONISK family, our loudest table lamp ever. Check out the SYMFONISK WiFi table lamp speaker in the FEEL HOME exhibition this week, and most importantly listen to it. #IKEAtoday #IKEA #IKEAfeelhome #SYMFONISK #MilanDesignWeek

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With an innovative nature and support for AirPlay 2 despite the absence of a microphone to make them Siri compatible, these Ikea-Sonos speakers are at the same time intended to be integrated into a Sonos ecosystem, coupled in stereo or integrated into a more complex sound system like 5.1. Resulting from a close collaboration between the technical know-how of Sonos and the logistical force combined with the innovation and the aesthetics of Ikea, the two Symfonisk speakers differ from the traditional products of the American brand by the fact that they are equipped with physical control buttons, unlike the touch format of their elders. The whole therefore appears as a complementary product to the Sonos range, also allowing the company to reach new customers on a large scale thanks to the Ikea network..

The Symfonisk range combines the technology developed by Sonos with the design and network offered by Ikea

The lamp version of the Symfonisk range includes a speaker and can be controlled by the Ikea and Sonos applications dedicated to robotics

Equipped with a speaker with limited size, the Symfonisk speaker will find its place as a bedside lamp

the new symfonisk lamp speaker developed by Ikea and Sonos will be sold from next August