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Ikea to launch Gunrid, air-purifying curtains

While some plants are known for their interior cleansing virtues, Ikea has just announced the creation of Gunrid curtains with similar strengths, which are scheduled for launch next year..

Ikea announces Gunrid, curtains with a priori depolluting virtues

Screen capture video presentation promoting the new Ikea Gunrid depolluting curtains

According to it, the Swedish brand is therefore preparing to market curtains with depolluting powers. If very little information has so far filtered out of this new product with revolutionary aspects, Gunrid of his little name, is presented by its developers as being equipped with a fabric treated with minerals, capable of producing, on contact. of light, photosynthesis similar to that of plants, thus causing the decomposition of pollutants. Titanium dioxide, already used by Toyota in billboards, could be one of the components of this new technology that Ikea claims to have developed in partnership with certain universities and certain suppliers. “Beyond providing better indoor air quality, Gunrid’s ambition is to make everyone aware of the pollution problems in homes, while paving the way for the use of this technology for others. textile products ”said one of Ikea’s sustainability managers.

The composition of Gunrid curtains is inspired by the natural phenomenon of photosynthesis

promotional video screenshot of new ikea Gunrid curtains with indoor air pollution control virtues

Titanium dioxide could be one of the fabric components of Gunrid curtains

Mauricio Affonso and Ikea announce the creation of depolluting curtains for indoor air based on photosynthesis

Based on figures put forward by the World Health Organization which show eight million deaths per year due to indoor pollution, Ikea seems to want to commit to fighting this scourge, focusing on the development of products allowing the improvement of the air quality of the houses through, not only a reduction in the use of polluting components, but also by focusing on the purification of confined spaces, for which Gunrid seems to play the precursor. In this sense, Ikea had already announced to take advantage of the recycling of rice straw, a product derived from the production of cereals, through its Better Air Now program. !

Ikea is committed to fighting the phenomenon of indoor pollution

After the Better Air Now program Ikea announces the marketing of Gunrid indoor air purifying curtains

If the announcement of these depolluting curtains seems exciting, we will still have to wait before their marketing to finally know their real effectiveness and thus know if Gunrig ultimately keeps all of its promises. Cacti therefore still have a bright future ahead of them.

Gunrid is slated for commercialization next year

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