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Los Angeles to phase out gasoline-powered cars in 2030

The Los Angeles city hall foresees the end of diesel and gasoline by 2030. Just like the Paris city hall, which, to reduce pollution, protect the health of its inhabitants and fight against climate change, has adopted in March 2018 during a unanimous vote in the Paris council for its new territorial Climate Air Energy Plan, the LA town hall plans to eliminate gasoline cars.

Though crowded with cars, main roads in Los Angeles will soon become much cleaner: New package of measures announced by Mayor Eric Garcetti projects 100% of city cars to be zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Eliminate gasoline-powered cars – the importance of taking immediate environmental action

Los Angeles to phase out gasoline cars in 2030, LA sunset photograph, Hollywood sign, street with parked cars and palm trees

The Garcetti administration has drawn up detailed plans to radically change the local automotive culture and modernize the city’s buildings, which constitute three-quarters of Los Angeles’ harmful emissions. The standard is based on the previous sustainable development plan from 2015, but predicts that the city will increase the percentage of zero-emission vehicles from 1.4% in 2018 to 25% in 2025, then to 80% in 2035. 100% in 2050. At the same time, the town hall intends to increase the number of electric vehicle chargers available to the public from 2,100 to 28,000.

Traffic in LA is crazy at the moment and the town hall is thinking of the right solutions

Traffic jam is a norm for highways in America and especially in LA, sunset photo a lot of cars, traffic in the United States

The expansion of public transport aims to reduce the number of kilometers by private car. There is an exact measure of the reduction in personal driving: 2,000 miles less per year for the average driver – for the period up to 2030.

The use of electric cars will increase significantly over the next few years

LA wants to eliminate gasoline cars in 2030, Los Angeles city hall law, Porsche electric vehicle

How is this going to happen? Garcetti is preparing a regional campaign that will begin in 2021 to encourage carpooling and encourage residents to walk as much as possible on foot, thereby making the city safer. The plan also calls for the extension of the metro and other types of public transport. By 2028, every citizen should have access to “high quality mobility opportunities within 10 minutes walk from their home”. All buses will be electric by 2030, plan says.

Making public transport more accessible is an important point in the fight against pollution

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Garcetti says he’s aware his plan faces opposition, but he jokes about his opponents who “love the way they fight in their cars, driving one car, stuffed with graphics sinking into it. gasoline vapor money ” .

Eliminate gasoline-powered cars, more electric vehicles, more chargers and fewer harmful emissions, this is the plan to achieve

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In contrast, the national resolution aims to radically “decarbonize” the US economy through a series of 10-year goals. The nation would like, among other things, to obtain 100% of its energy from renewable energies until 2030

The mayor also pledged to renovate every public building with zero-emission technology by 2050, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

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