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McDonald’s relies on AI to develop personalized offers

Similar to what can be found on some e-commerce sites under “This May You Like” sections, McDonald’s is relying on a new system for establishing menu recommendations. To do this, the fast-food giant has just made the largest investment in its history in terms of acquisition by offering the Israeli company Dynamic Yield, specialist in the genre, for 300 million dollars..

McDonald’s offers Dynamic Yield for $ 300 million and leverages artificial intelligence

McDonald's Acquires Israeli Artificial Intelligence Company Dynamic Yield To Offer Custom Menus With Every Order

The king of the hamburger thus intends to set up its new tool in its self-service terminals and on its mobile application. The goal of this new artificial intelligence adopted by McDonald’s is to adapt its product offering at the time of the order, depending on various factors relating to the customer, their previous orders, as well as the current weather and traffic conditions..

McDonald’s wants to offer personalized suggestions to each customer

McDonald's wants to install Dynamic Yield technology on its order terminals, the drive and on its mobile application

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook thus compares Dynamic Yield’s software to what is done in the online shopping world: “When you select a product and put it in your cart, other related products are automatically suggested ( …) This will also be the case at McDonald’s with, for example, a suggestion from McFlurry if the weather is good or coffee if it is cooler ”. Other innovations should be developed in addition, such as offering a product that will be produced more quickly at times of strong influence. The boss of the Big Mac justifies the company’s new strategy as follows: “In the future, we want to strengthen the role of new technologies and data processing in order to quickly offer more personalized services to our customers”.

“A suggestion from McFlurry if the weather is nice or coffee if it is cooler.” Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald’s

McDonald's wants to be able to offer products adapted to each customer and each situation thanks to the technology of Dynamic Yield

First tested at seven American sites over the past year, McDonald’s intends to rapidly expand its new acquisition to the whole of the United States, then to the rest of the world, with 38,000 establishments in more than a hundred of country. New McDonald’s property, Dynamic Yield is a company founded in 2011 specializing in virtual personalization services. In particular, it has developed its artificial intelligence technology with large companies such as Ikea or Urban Outfitters.

Buyout of Dynamic Yield is McDonald’s largest investment

By buying Dynamic Yield for $ 300 million, McDonald's makes biggest acquisition in history