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Microsoft Unveils Edge Chromium Logo and Announces 2020 Launch

A few months after presenting a beta version of its new browser, Microsoft now informs us that Edge Chromium should officially see the light of day by the beginning of next year, around January 15, 2020. By then, a version “Candidate” is already available to familiarize yourself with the replacement for Internet Explorer, in a version a priori similar to the final product that will be offered in September. It includes password synchronization, history, favorites, as well as the new default tracking protection designed by the firm. By the way, Microsoft also unveils the final logo of its new baby, an “e” reminiscent of the old versions of its in-house browser, with accents however more abstract and close to a wave, on which the color green comes to support the traditional blue d ‘yesteryear. Bill Gates’ firm announces availability of its new Edge browser based on open source software Chromium for Windows 10, 7, 8 and Mac OS.

Microsoft unveiled the logo of its Edge Chromium browser

Microsoft announced the launch of its new Edge Chromium browser for January 15, 2020

In addition to a new graphic charter, the first in twenty years, Microsoft was keen to bring to Edge Chromium and Bing new functions at the service of professionals, intended in particular to combine information research both internally and on the Internet. An orientation towards companies clearly assumed by Microsoft and its manager Yusuf Mehdi, who says “celebrating an important step in the official launch of Microsoft Edge and Bing to destinations of our commercial customers expected in January”.

Microsoft Edge Chromium: launch planned for next JanuaryMicrosoft Edge Chromium, a new logo in wave and a release date for January 2020

Microsoft also seems to be betting on security in order to appeal to a public now accustomed to Google’s fast Chrome. To do this, different blocking modes are offered, ranging from basic to strict, making it possible to limit follow-ups and hacking attempts as much as possible. An InPrivate mode also promises truly protected browsing, in the face of “incognito” mode not always up to the task..

Microsoft relies on pros and security

Already available in beta, Microsoft's Edge Chromium unveiled its logo and release date for 2020

Without going beyond the ergonomics and universal compatibility of Google Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge Chromium nevertheless brings a big boost to the company in terms of internet browsing..

Microsoft finally intends to return to the front of the internet browsing scene with its Edge Chromium

Microsoft unveiled the new logo for its Edge Chromium browser as well as its official launch date for January 2020

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